Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Birthday JABB!!!

Hey all! 
Today, my blog has turned one year old!!! <3

(I just love that gif! ^^) 

One year! I can hardly believe it, at first I didn’t think that I would make it more than a month before giving up! 

Blogging has become a regular hobby of mine - I love talking to you guys and exchanging bookish opinions, I love collaborating with other bloggers who have become friends, I love discovering new books on other blogs that just look so amazing that I have to pick them up, and I love finding new favorite books that way! 

A big part of this, other than books and a bit of dedication from my part, is you guys. If no one read this, I probably would persist for a few months, then have given up or tried something else. As I said I have made friends through this whole process, and every time I get a comment I smile like Snape and dance like Dumbledore (see gif above). So yeah, a massive THANK YOU to everyone! :D 

Here’s to another amazing year! 
Have an awesome day and a great weekend! 


P.S. Results of the giveaway will be posted tomorrow! you have until tonight to enter! 


  1. Congrats! I know the feeling. My blog will be one on July 29th, and blogging has become so much more than a small side project.

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  3. YAAAAAAY!!! *throws confetti and balloons* Happy blogging birthday to one of the best blogs in the entire blogging world! I'm so glad you didn't give up blogging. Your blog is absolutely amazing, and I love reading all your posts :) Cheers to another wonderful year!


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