Monday, January 11, 2016

New Tag! - Bookish Siblings Tag

Bookish Siblings Tag! (ORIGINAL!) 

Hey all!
I was on Instagram today and I was nominated to show off the books that have my ‘top 5 fictional guys’. I’ve done the ‘book boyfriend tag’. Many tags are asking about a favorite male character. 

But I noticed, there’s not much on what I would call a ‘book brother’ or ‘sister’. 

I mean, come on, who has never read a book and though ‘Wow I’m sure I’m related to this character!” rather than “oooooh niiice ;)” ? I know I did! 

So without further ado, I sat down and created this tag. 

1. Answer all the questions. Repetitions are absolutely fine :) 
2. You can put yourself in any of the categories! 
3. Tag others! 
4. Fill in the categories with bookish characters! These characters don’t have to feel sibbling-esque. If you don’t know, you can say, for example. “A character that... I can’t stand is ___” 

1. Your older brother
I’ve said this before, but Percy Jackson is my older book brother. 

2. Your younger brother
Jonas from The Giver. 

3. Your sister
Hmm maybe Laurel from Wings, actually!

4. The popular one
Isabelle from The Mortal Instruments. 

5. Parent’s favorite
Quentin from Paper Towns. 

6. The little rebel
Celaena from Throne of Glass. Yep. 

7. Your twin 
OOh that’s hard! I’ll say Simon from The Mortal Instruments. We could play D&D, we’re both awkward. 

8. The one you can’t stand
Draco from Harry Potter. 

9. The one you could prank the world with. 
Fred and George from Harry Potter! 

10. The shy introvert
Oh, hi there Caroline. Yeah, it’s me... 

11. Your ultimate book sibling 
I gotta give this one to Percy Jackson

12. Your blogging sibling 
It’s hard to choose one, but I want to say Erika @ Books, Stars, and the pages in between. C: 

Erika @ Books, Stars, And the Pages in Between
Carrie @ The Book Goddess
Less Reality, More Books
Sam Frost @ Tsundoku Books
Aeriko @ The Reading Armchair
Megan @ Books of Fascination

And of course, feel free to do it! :D I hope you enjoy it! :) 

Have an amazing day! <3


  1. Thanks so much for tagging me! This looks like so much fun! Congrats on your own tag!

    Simon would be an awesome sibling. Can I join you guys for a game of D&D? :D

    Carrie @The Book Goddess

    1. Of course! Thanks so much!

      And yes! I used to either be a halfling thief or elf ranger. :)

  2. Gaahhh this is such a cute tag! <3 I can't wait to do it!! :) Thank you for tagging me!

    -Megan, Books of Fascination

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  4. Thanks for tagging me, I will totally be doing this it's an awesome tag!

  5. Thanks so much for tagging me!
    Awww, I think of you as my blog sister too! You're much too kind, haha :)

    1. Ta-da! ^.^ Sorry it took so long!

  6. Thanks so much for tagging me, I can't wait to do this!

  7. I was searching for a new and interesting tag and somehow I ended up here. Great idea to create this tag.I really liked it. :)


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