Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A Booknerd in Paris

Hey, all! 

So I had another day in Paris, this time on my own. I decided to take the day to discover all of the bookstores that I have heard about in guides and from random people here and there. I know that there are a lot of bookstores in Paris, but I decided to focus on ones that primarily sell books in English, and that were accessible by foot from Notre Dame. In one day I was able to see 5 English bookstores, one secondhand one and I strolled by the Seine to have a look at all of the little bookkeepers by the river. 

Paris is such a beautiful, vibrant city. Century-old architecture looks brand new, and is artfully mixed with modern structures and concepts. I've really been enjoying discovering it street by street. 

What strikes people about Paris before they even visit is that it's a 'romantic' city - this really plays out in the little cafes, shops, restaurants, and even within the bookstores. Stacks of pages with endless words coming together to form thoughts by thousands of authors, separated only by genre and shelves. I adored my little tour today, and I really wanted to share my discoveries with you! 

I focused on English books for this blogpost, as it is so easy to find the french stores, however as an English reader, I wanted a list. At the moment I realized this, I wanted to make a list for anyone who primarily reads in English and who may visit Paris, sooner or later. 

These will be covered in chronological order. All of these photos are mine, addresses are up-to-date. I realize the photos do need a little editing but I'm not on my own computer! My laptop has been showing signs of weakness, such that I can't even open the internet! 

Shakespeare and Co - 37 Rue de la Bucherie
This bookshop is an absolute fairytale. A maze of nooks and crannies, it has an artful architecture, an unexpected book display, and quotes galore. I did snap a few photos before seeing a very clear 'no photos' sign, put in place to not disturb the readers and browsers. This bookstore goes to the point to having chairs, couches and even beds to have a cozy place to read. With its adjoining cafe and perfect view on Notre Dame, it is easy to spend an afternoon there, just browsing the shelves, and trying to find what genre you may find around the next bend. 

San Francisco Books co - 17 Rue Monsieur le Prince
This store is an absolute gem. It's layout is simple - one room with shelves lining the walls and taking over the center, with a small back room also lined with shelves. But when I say lined with shelves, I mean that it is difficult to find a spot without paper. Books are piled literally floor-to-ceiling, fitted together like a giant Tetris puzzle. It is a little out-of-the-way, so I was lucky enough to be alone in this bookstore, and took almost an hour to simply browse. It is a magestic spot for any booklover - weather you are looking for the biography of John Lennon or the latest Ken Follet, you will most likely find what you are looking for. 

 The Abbey Bookshop - 29 Rue de la Parcheminerie 
This bookstore was one of my favorite discoveries in the city! You walk in and the first thing you hear is the owner, inviting you for coffee or tea, that is available to anyone even walking by in the street. The store is divided in two sides - new books on the left, second hand on the right. The cool thing was, that the further you go into the store, the narrower it gets. There are books piled to the ceiling and on the floor, just available for anyone. The children's books in the back are in a section that is so narrow that you need to be quite small to be there comfortably. Downstairs is another maze of narrow halls, to maximize the amount of books in that area. So nice, but maybe avoid if you're a tad claustrophobic! 

La Seine
The Seine's banks are home to a few hundred little green boxes that contain books, magazines and art, all of which are made to have a vintage feel. Some of them are properly vintage, allowing for some wonderful finds! Be careful being there with a camera, the owners are not always welcoming to photos! 

Galignani - 224 Rue de Rivoli 
If you are looking for elegance, look no further than Galignani! Next to the Louvre and near the fanciest area of the city, this English bookshop has a loft-like feeling, all while keeping our fairytale-loving fantasies alive by having - wait for it - sliding ladders, attached to all the shelves! There is a beautifully-organized series of books, on several floors, all open to each other so you can see books no matter where you look. This store keeps new books, but has such a fancy ambiance, that you can just look around for a long time! 

WHSmith - 248 Rue de Rivoli 
This is another bookstore that I had already encountered, but I loved re-visiting it just as much as I did the first time! Taking up two floors, this bookstore doubles as a tea room, as well as a shop for goods from the UK. It is set up to accommodate every interest, including a healthy stock of fandom items, children's toys and office supplies. It is very easy to find, and a lovely place to sit for tea! 

Stay bookish!!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

20 Questions Book Tag

Hey, all! 

I was tagged in something! I haven't done a blog tag in the longest time, I missed these. Then again, I may have been tagged in the past year or so, but I've been bad at keeping up with other people's blogs! Now I have many blog links in my daily website check-up list, which I'm really enjoying :) 

Anywho I was tagged by one of my first blog friends, Kayleigh to do the 20 Questions book tag! Make sure to check out her blog, A Book Lovers Playlist

1. How many books is too many books in a series? 
Aaah for someone who has been craving stand-alones this is a difficult one! I like duologues and trilogies. I can handle pentologies like Percy Jackson, but usually any more than that is a drag. I had a really hard time finishing The Mortal Instruments, and I'm still not done with the Throne of Glass however-many-logy it is! 

2. How do you feel about cliffhangers?
I actually love them! It makes me want to pick up the next book right away, which is a feeling I love! (Especially when I already have the next book, makes for one big story!)

3. Hardcover or Paperbacks?
Hardcovers for aesthetics, paperbacks for reading. This does make my reading life difficult, yes. floppy paperbacks are just so convenient to read, hardbacks are so bulky, but look SO good on a shelf! 

4. Favourite book? 
Whoever made this quiz is cruel! :'D 
All time? The Giver by Lois Lowry.

5. Least favourite book? 
An ARC I read, that will remain unnamed. I was one of the only few who got the ARC, there are almost no reviews, and I will keep it that way. Sorry, guys. 

6. Love Triangles: Yes or No? 
If they're done well. I'm a little annoyed by the constant 'inconvenient' Katniss-Gale-Peeta love triangle. But trios like Tessa-Will-Jem where there is more than just romantic love and heartbreak and pettiness flying around really gets to me, in a good way. 

7. The most recent book you just couldn't finish? 
I properly cannot remember. I'm not a big book not-finisher, to be honest!

8. A book you're currently reading? 
Caraval, by Stephanie Garber. I'm only a few chapters in but I'm enjoying it so far! 

9. Last book you recommended to someone? 
A Darker Shade of Magic, by V.E. Schwab, to quite a few people actually!

10. Oldest book you've read? 
Does 12th-grade Shakespeare mandatory reads count? If so, that. 

11. Newest book you've read? 
I'm also currently reading an ARC of Shadow Frost by Coco Ma, that will be published this June! I really am enjoying it a lot!

12. Favorite author? 
Again, cruel, cruel question. For what he brought to my life, I'm going to say Rick Riordan. 

13. Buying books or borrowing books? 
Buying. I don't even have a local library card, because my reading mood fluctuates so much that I might borrow a book and not read it by the time it's due. Plus I just like having the books that I enjoyed with me :) 

14. What book do you dislike that everyone else seems to love?
The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a book that I often bring up as one I didn't like. It was too much in 200 pages, I got overwhelmed and in a state of overthinking-related-anxiety. When a book does that, it's a no-go for me! 

15. Bookmarks or dog-ears? 
I'm gonna break it to you, I used to be a serial dog-ear-er! When I was 12-14 I loved seeing my reading progress through the use of dog ears for some reason, I found it super satisfying! Now I don't dare to, and use bookmarks instead for everything I read. 

16. A book you can always re-read? 
The Lightening Thief, Clockwork Princess, and Illuminae, amongst others! I love re-reading!

17. Can you read while listening to music? 
That, my dears, really depends on my mood. Sometimes I focus the best with some funky Jamiroquai or something more punk like P!ATD, or even acoustic versions of some of my favorite songs. Other days, like today, I only seem to be able to work with rainstorm noises. I have apps dedicated to background noise that have saved more than one grade. 

18. Single or multiple POVs? 
To be honest, I like both. I have absolutely zero preference. Maybe single POV, because sometimes some POV's just bore me, haha! (I'm looking at you, Chaol Westfall). 

19. Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days? 
I think it depends on the length of the book. If I can read it in a day, I will. If not, I'll take the time. 

20. Who do you tag?
Erika @ Books And Stars, you're up! (Also guys please check out her blog it's one of my favourites, and Erika is the SWEETEST human ever!) 

Stay bookish!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

An Introvert in Paris

Hey, all! 

Less conventional post today, I want to talk about exploring. That's right, this person who rarely leaves the comfort of her room and or studies has been going outside, to the big outdoors. 

In August, my family and I moved from a tiny village not even present on most maps of the Netherlands, surrounded by sheep and trees, to Paris. 

Ah, sometimes I'm quite happy I stayed in the Netherlands to study! I love small towns. 

But I do, whenever I have a long break, go back to Paris to visit my family. This had lead to many explorations of the big city - including busy metros and waiting in long lines. But I figured that I should share some of my favourite happenings with you guys! 

Note: all of the photos are mine :) Also this isn't gonna be chronological or anything! Also I've been doing a lot of touristy things and a lot of other things (The food, so much food, oh my goodness) but these are just out-of-the-way things I was able do do lately! 

Moon Expo
If there is anything people should know about me aside from my love of books, it's my love of space. My dad's favourite anecdote is that when I was little, I used to take a blue plastic toy phone and call the moon to say goodnight every day before bed. So when I saw that there was an exposition on the moon today, I didn't hesitate long before asking if we could go! 

Hint 1 about going to Paris. Check for Expositions. This one was about how we see the moon through art and science, had paintings from incredible artists from all over the world, modern art, artefacts and replicas from Galileo and the Apollo missions. I was absolutely fascinated, and would go back in a heartbeat! 

Following Will Traynor
I loved Me Before You. Both the book and the movie bring out so many feels that I just catch myself wanting to re-live the story over and over. While in a certain area of Paris, I realised we must be close to where Will Traynor told Lou he would like to go - a cafe in the Marais, to drink a café au lait, eat croissants and watch the bypassers. Sadly the exact café doesn't exist, but one that is very similarly described - le Voltigeur - was on my radar from another blogpost I had read on What's Hot Blog. I went, ordered a cafe au last (despite their specialty and my favorite type being cappuccinos) and had a croissant. It felt like when I went on Blackfriars Bridge in London to commemorate Jem and Tessa - so, so cool! 

King Tut's Treasure
Everyone knows King Tut - the Egyptian child king who died young, and left behind, well, no legacy, but a beautiful treasure, found 100 years ago by Carter and his team, perfectly intact. Paris has had the honour to host this treasure, until December (so go visit if you can!) I was absolutely blown away by the fact that these items seemed to not see thousands of years go by. Not a chipped stone, seemingly freshly-carved wood, still shiny mirrors, functional bows... And so many items you only see in history books! This was so grand, I loved every moment of it! 

Chocolate Day 

Who says 'chocolate' says 'Caro will show up soon and steal it.' I love chocolate, and I love baking, so for my birthday, I got a baking-with-chocolate course! It was all in pro kitchens and we made the best chocolate chip cookies in the world, along with passion fruit milk chocolate truffles, that were to die for. 10/10 would go again, I wish you could try the food we made! I've been trying to re-create the recipes again, so far in vain but I have high hopes! 

Fish are friends, not food 
One of the coolest things that happened since we moved to Big City was the fact that two friends of mine came to visit for almost a week. During this time we went up the Eiffel Tower (of course), and, being nerds, opened Google Maps once we reached the top. We saw that there was an aquarium right near us, so we decided to go, and spent a solid two hours staring at fish. The Aquarium in the Trocadero is probably the most relaxing place ever. We're all students - I was stressing because of classes and my friends also had life choices to figure out. We stayed infront of a shark tank sitting on the floor for a long while, and spent and even longer while by the Koi tank. I became friends with an emo koi, it was lovely. 

Sean SepticEye 

My brother and I both like Jacksepticeye - if you don't know him, search him up on Youtube, he's such a cool guy! Last summer, we noticed he would be in Paris for his How Did We Get Here tour in October, and we got almost front-row seats. The show was so much fun! Sean really stressed the importance of doing what you want to the best of your ability, which I loved. He was also super involved with the audience! During one of his stories about his time going to Church, he pointed to me as being a table that was relevant to the story. (I waved and he yelled at me because inanimate objects shouldn't move, haha!). The next day, my brother ran into his hero in the city, and he and his crew remembered us! Now I'm just waiting for him to go on tour again, I would love to go again! 

The Bookish Bit
I don't have any photos of this, but there is one place in Paris that every single book nerd should go to - Shakespeare & Co. Oh my goodness that place is the cutest bookstore in the world. Two floors of books, of all kinds, all in English. There are amazing quotes painted everywhere, a house cat, and so many couches, chairs and beds to curl up on and read all day! It can get quite crowded, but on a rainy day, It's the best place ever. I promise, it's worth it! 

That's it for today! I might do more of these little episodes as I explore more around here! 

Stay bookish! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Selection Trilogy, by Kiera Cass

Hey, all! 

What is this? A proper book review!? Finally, isn't this the point of a bookish blog? 

Yes, yes it is. 

And Caro's back with a review of a series I binged in under a week. 

I'm about to share my thoughts and feels about a book series that people seem to either love to the moon and back or hate so much they'd like to have never have read it. 

I present to you... 

The Selection, by Kiera Cass

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"For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels. To live in palace and compete for the heart of gorgeous Prince Maxon. 
But for America Singer, being Selected is a nightmare. It means turning her back on her secret love with Aspen, who is a caste below her, and leaving her home to enter a fierce competition for a crown she doesn't want. Then America meets Prince Maxon. Gradually, she begins to realise that the life she's always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined"

So I know I'm super behind on this bandwagon - Although I must say that The Selection is one of my very first book reviews on this blog, ever! I saw someone talking about it as a guilty pleasure read a few weeks ago on Booktube, and on the same day, I saw The Elite and The One on the second-hand shelf at the bookstore. 

So naturally I got them to complete my collection and binged all three books in a few days ^^

I decided to review these as a package, because there is one thing I can say about this trilogy - this can have been done in one big book, or maybe as a duology. The transition between each of the books was seamless, making for a very quick and easy read of 900 pages. 

Seriously, I was called a speed-reader while reading this! 

But it's easy to get all of this done in a few days when it's a simple, light-hearted teenager read. 

I actually really liked the first book - individually I have it a 4/5! America stood out by just wanting to be friends with Maxon, and being at the castle as her family needed the money, and they were being paid for her participation. She missed her ex boyfriend and made friends in the castle and generally seemed super down-to-earth. Their friendship was actually super fun, as it really felt like she was the only one Maxon could talk to about his thoughts on the Selection, which was great! I'd love the same books in his point of view, to be honest! 

Now, there were also some problems with it - some of the other contestants were just awful to each other, and they really made it seem that America was the only 'sane' one, which was an 'eh' choice in my opinion. 

But the fun, emotional, and swoon-worthy moments of the books really made me hold onto the series as a whole as some moments were just SO FRIGGEN ADORABLE?! Maxon and America are so cute together, it was difficult not to feel the butterflies when he would be true to her. 

I also quite like how clear the book was. It was just raw and honest and it was really to understand everyone's motives behind their actions. Maxon had never dated before so of course was clueless, America wasn't there for love, the other contestants entered voluntarily so tried a bit harder... it all made sense.

I loved this line

Then we get to books 2 and 3 that I'll review in a package as they felt like the same book 90 percent of the time. I had a real problem with these, in that America became so, so annoying! Her ex, Aspen, of course makes a reappearance, saying he's sorry he broke up and will always be there for her. 

This makes her emotions waver like a perpetual pendulum. One minute she gets all dramatic, she wants to leave the Selection and never wants to see Maxon again because she is jealous of her contestants. The next she says she doesn't mind waiting for him to be done getting to know them. 

One minute she considers giving it all up to be with Aspen, the next she treats him horribly and doesn't explain her actions. 

The arguments are constant. 

There are some things I liked - her devotion to her family was beautiful, and the way she stood up for the lower castes really singled her out well. But even that became problematic when the King wanted to get rid of her for being passionate, plaguing the plot of the third book. 

What I did really like about books 2 and 3 was the heavier involvement of the Rebellion, especially the Northern rebels. From time to time, Cass gives snippets of info about a rebel cause that is working towards... something, that was never made very clear. But I really loved that aspect of these books, and I wish there was more about that specifically!  

And, just to hit the nail on the head about these books, again, Maxon is so pure. <3 Best part of the Trilogy, hands down. 

Overall, I'm giving this entire trilogy 3/5 stars. That's right I'm slowly converting from my feather system to stars. It's just easier and fits my overall theme more, to be honest! I'll design them before my next review : )

Have you read The Selection? What did you think of it? Let me know! 

Stay bookish! 

Sunday, April 21, 2019

The Trials of Time - Episode 3


Tomorrow I'm going to be playing the next part of my OoTers campaign, thus I will write the story of our latest episode here now! 


Episode 3 - The Lost Princess  

Having just braved a series of tunnels overrun by odd monsters, the group made their way back to Kakariko village, a faint celebratory music coming from it. The sun was setting, but the in at which everyone was staying would serve dinner late. Tired, the group walked in to see an odd sight - many Hilyans were lifting glasses in what seemed to be a celebration. A single Goron in the centre of the crowd was telling a skewed version of the adventure they had just had. Many details were off, but his enthusiasm was almost endearing. 

"And then, we heard a mighty roar! Before long, these 4 beings - none of them Goron - came out of the cave! Some were bloody, but now we have food again, we are free!"

Obviously young, the Goron kept speaking enthusiastically until he turned to look at the group a the door. "That's them! They are our sworn brothers and sisters!"

Jem, having been joined by Tessa during the speech, smiled and waved at the group of villagers now celebrating... them. Lulu had a smile bloom on his face, while Shadow and Sisin looked marginally uncomfortable. 

Soon enough, musicians in the back corner of the inn started playing a joyful tune, while two Hylians - twins, it would seem - started buying the heroes some drinks. 

"Another round for the heroes of he Gorons!" they cheered in unison. 

For some, one drink became enough to feel slightly less concerned about life. 

But Lulu and Sisin had not paid attention to their boundaries. Lulu's first drinks in his life were quite an experience, and soon enough he was going around, hugging strangers and slurring certain words repeatedly. Sisin, on the other hand, stayed quiet in a corner. 

At around 12:30, the party started breaking up - after a last dance and some drunken goodbyes, only the party remained in the inn, along with a few strangers with whom conversations were being had. 

Jem, always perceptive, soon noticed a shadowed figure in the corner of the inn, who seemed to be staring. But before he could let the others know... 

He was gone. 

Soon enough, everyone made their way to bed, Lulu hugging the fire stone to his chest as preciously as Jem held Tessa. The morning came too quickly, most of the group being not quite sober yet. However, a quick, sharp knock came from the inn door, too early for their taste. 

Sisin and Lulu both groaned, a headache blooming in the latter's head. However, he managed to find the will to get up and answer the door, to be greeted by... 

Another Kokiri? 

"I'm sorry, are you the Goron saviours? My friend, Ruto, the Zora princess, she's gone missing. Her father can barely speak! And that is a shiny stone, and are you ok you look tired."

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Lulu held the stone closer. "Uh what? A princess can't speak?"

"No, silly she's gone missing!"

Lulu nodded slowly, and proceeded to shaking the others awake. "Get up, we need to help someone!" 

Sisin muttered something under her breath and hid under her blankets. "Can no one take care of themselves in this country?" she asked, barely audibly. 

Once they were all up and awake enough to walk, they picked up Jem at Tessa's house. Together, they made their way to the Zora's Domain. 


The domain seemed to come straight out of a dream - a large cavern, with waterfalls scattered over the stone walls into a deep lake. Some parts of the lake were shallow enough to have torches standing in the water. A staircase wound upwards to a grand throne room, throughout which was scattered more torches, giving the place a warm glow. 

The Zora themselves were an elegant race - Attractive humanoids, with blade-like fins on their arms, hips and back that helped them swim, narrow noses and fishtails on the back of their heads. They seemed to be enjoying the warm summer months, yet a series of sobs came from the direction of the throne room. 

The king was unlike any other Zora - instead of lean and strong, he was clearly overweight, with a pudgy face and a red robe to signify his dominance. "Oh, my dear Ruto... where did you go?" he repeated, lamenting the loss of his daughter. 

Next to him, an advisor was trying his best to calm him down. "You should send a search party to the Lake, you know that many things wind up there.."

He was cut off by the sound of Jem clearing his throat. "I'm sorry, but it came to our attention that you have a missing princess?"

Although the king did not seem to register the fact that there were strangers in front of him, his guard turned his attention to the lot of... not Zora. 

"You seem... outlandish. It isn't easy to come here... and how do you know about our princess?"

Lulu stepped up, confused about why a fat Zora was crying so much. He was so big, surely nothing could scare him! "A Kokiri who is friends with Ruto found us to say she was missing. We just saved the Gorons, maybe we can help you too?"

The guard nodded. Soon enough, he had given the group direct instructions to Lake Hylia.


Lake Hilya is a beautiful place - gem of purity in Hyrule. On its shore stood a lone house, adorned by a large telescope pointed towards the sky. The surface of the lake was dotted with islands, each connected by a bridge. 

Lulu and Jem, looking for a lead, decided to head into the cabin by the lake. Inside, an old man, surrounded by dozens of fish in various tanks, was startled by the sudden visitors. 

"My, what brings you younglings to the lake?"

"We are looking for any pointers as to where the Zora princess may be", Jem explained. 

Lulu, on the other hand, was staring at the coloful fish decorating the place. He was soon to notice the end of the telescope. "What is this?"

The old man chuckled. "It is used to study the stars. It is very fragile, so I would rather you not touch it-"

Lulu drew his hand away from the telescope quickly. "I'm sorry..."

Jem grinned "In any case, we were told that lost things sometimes arrived in the lake, where does this usually happen?"

"Look near the dock! All kinds of odd things around there"

Thanking the man, the two left the odd house. Indeed, soon enough, Lulu, Sisin and Jem noticed a bottle near the docks, that seemed to be containing some sort of message. 

"I'll get it!" Lulu volunteered. Reaching down towards the lake, he slipped and fell into the water. Not being the best swimmer, he was quick to start calling for help. 

Shadow, silent as always, reached down to help her friend. However, she also fell into the water, with Lulu quickly climbing onto her back, holding on for dear life. 

"I have the bottle, let's leave!"

The docks were too high for them to climb back up onto them. Jem was quick to reach for a sword to help them climb out, cutting his hand in the process. He muttered a curse but made sure his friends were safe before tending his wounds. 

Sisin took the bottle to inspect it. There was definitely a letter inside...

Jabu Jabu has been acting strange. I have gone to visit him. Do not worry about me, I'm FINE. 

- Ruto 


Back at the Domain, the group handed the King the letter that was in the bottle. 

"She... she went to see our Lord? Oh Ruto... what did you get yourself into?"

Suddenly, the king of the Zora started shifting sideways. This took a while because of his sheer size, but eventually, he revealed a pathway behind him. "This is the path to lord Jabu Jabu. He has been odd lately, good luck."

Lord Jabu Jabu was certainly massive. A giant fish, unable to move from a platform I the middle of a lake, he was adorned with all sorts of jewels. Next to him, a sign indicated that a sacrifice may be needed in order for him to speak. 

"Sacrifice? What?" asked Lulu. As the smallest one of the group, he was suddenly very worried. 

Jem had a sly smile suddenly on his face. From his bag, he dug up a roasted chicken, from the first attack. He put it down in front of the deity. Suddenly, Jabu Jabu opened his mouth, and started inhaling... 

Also inhaling the 4 adventurers. 


The first thing they saw was teeth. Two rows of human-like teeth, closing the exit behind them. Then, the bubbles - bubbles as wide across as Lulu was tall, bouncing from wall to wall. Finally, a door where the throat would have been, covered in a yellow membrane. 

Sisin and Shadow both looked around, disgusted. Of course, they ended up in such a place. Shadow adjusted the scarf around her face, as Sisin cut down a bubble coming a bit too close to them. "Let's get this over with", she muttered. 

Out of thin air, a glowing hand formed, pressing a button-like protrusion on the ceiling, automatically opening the door in front of them. Although it was surely one of them who caused it, nobody made it obvious that they had done it. 

The group passed through the only open doors in a larger room, entering a very large room, in which the floor was punctured with a dozen of holes. Near one of the holes stood none other than Princess Ruto, obviously not happy to have been found. 

"What are you doing here? Who are you? Did Father send you!?"

Lulu stepped up at this point. "Are you the princess?" 

"I am, and I order you to go away! I do not need your help!"

"But your family is looking for you! And we can help you do... uh what are you doing here?"

The princess scoffed "You think I need your help? I will find my mother's stone on my own!" 

With this, she turned on her heels and walked away, falling into one of the holes with a scream. 

"Good for her", muttered Sisin, "Let's go". 

However, Rosy had a different idea. The small green fairy started following the princess down into the hole. 

"Hey Rosy, wait!", Lulu called, chasing after his companion, before falling into the same hole himself. 

Jem sighed.  "Well, we'd better follow him this point" he said, jumping down after the small Kokiri, Sisin and Shadow close behind. 

However, the princess was nowhere to be found, and neither was Rosy. 

The group went from door to door, looking for Rosy and the Princess, combating many monsters and finding a whole assortment of weapons on the way. Each fight was exceptionally... simple. It was odd. 

Soon enough, they found a room with a sort of elevator, moving up and down from their first room. On the platform was the princess with the small fairy. 

"Why are you still here?! I told you not to follow me!"

Jem groaned, feeling tired. "Seeing as that fairy followed you, we decided you were worth saving, despite your attitude." The last bit was unclear, and noticing a bout of dizziness, he excused himself, and walked to the far end of the room. 

The YinFen only provided temporary relief from the symptoms of drug withdrawal, and he knew it. His body was like a clock - if he didn't take a dose every 6 hours, he became noticeably weaker, unable to even get out of bed. It was such a curse, to have been bitten by a demon when he was young. The demon's venom, full of YinFen, was quick to make him an addict. He used to be able to go a few days without drinking the powder diluted in water. But now, he barely lasted a few hours without a full dose. 

He didn't have much time left, and he was ashamed of it. He had so much left to do... 

And if he could not save his brother in time... the guilt would follow him into the afterlife. 

When he came back to join the group, he had a newfound energy, despite the taste of burnt sugar at the back of his throat, a constant reminder of his state. 

"We have decided that you all shall carry me, and I will lead you to my mother's stone," announced Ruto. 

Jem shook his head. "You are walking, Princess. None of us are strong enough, and no mater the circumstance we are not beneath you in this situation."

The others looked at him - this was not the mot usual behaviour. Ruto looked upset, but soon stated walking, leading them to a complex forked hallway. In fact, the hallway had 6 doors, many of which had similar membranes to the first door. Only one door was open. 

Walking in, the group found a large, tongue-like thing hanging from the ceiling. It was quick to pull back and swing forward, knocking Shadow to the floor. Once she stepped back, however, it stopped moving. 

"Let's throw things at it!" called Lulu, throwing a magic stone at it, hitting a weak point perfectly. 

The protrusion twiched in surprise, prompting the others to start throwing weapons and magic at it. Soon enough, it fell from the ceiling, dissolving into a heap on the floor. 

This had opened one of the doors. 

Repeating this process in each room, the group entered the very last room, in which a large circular platform, adorned by a single blue gem stood proudly in the room

"My mother's stone!" Ruto called, excited. "Throw me up there, I need it I need it!"

Sisin shook her head, took Lulu, and threw him onto the platform. She did not trust the princess. 

"Ow! Sisin what- uh oh..." Lulu started before the platform rose, all the way to the roof. Soon enough, the platform lowered again. 

Lulu was gone, and in his place a large octopus-like monster, with globular eyes and short tentacles. 

Quick-minded, Shadow reached into her pocket, holding several stunning stones in her hand. She threw one at the monster, who froze instantly. The three remaining adventurers started attacking the monster. 

Jem burned it with a burst of flame. 

Shadow cut it down with her blade. 

Sisin hacked at it with there twin swords, vicious as a storm. 

All while Ruto cowered in a corner. 

The octopus woke up again and started thrashing out at its attackers - he was to protect the Master, and no one could take over his mission! 

However, Shadow was quick to stun it again, making it easy for the group to defeat the beast. 

Despite their cuts and bruises, the group decided that it was best to stand on the platform to join Lulu, wherever he was. As soon as everyone was on the platform, it rose again, leaving princess Ruto behind, who was too slow to climb onto the platform on time. 

Once they reached the top, they found a startled-looking Lulu. 

"What happened? Why did you throw me? And is that blood? Is it yours? Where's the annoying fish? Can we leave, I have the gem."

As he was talking, the others looked around. The cavern they were in was huge. In the corner of the room stood a large... organ. It looked like a heart, attached to the top of the room, adorned with blue stones. 

Noticing the group, it started moving towards them, the blue stones detaching themselves from the entity, revealing themselves to be electric jellyfish, attached to the beast. The top of the heart had 3 antenna-like arms, that would send electricity. 

The fight was long and difficult - the electricity being sent across the room kept striking the group, time and time again, but they were faster. The centre of the being could be stunned, and Sisin and Shadow were quick to stab at it with their blades. In the meantime, Jem and Lulu focused on ranged attacks - both of them were wary of this creature, afraid of what it could result in. One by one they cut down the jellyfish, suffering some damage between hits. 

"Wait!" called Lulu, reaching his hands up towards Jem's face. Looking slightly confused, the latter lowered his face. Lulu pulled Jem towards him, and put their foreheads together. Jem suddenly felt... wiser. 

"It's called Guidance and it's helpful and WATCH OUT!" he screamed as a beam of electricity came their way. They both ducked out of the way. 

Under her breath, Shadow muttered "stop trying to kill the good ones," before stabbing the heart of the creature one last time, before it started... dissolving, right infront of them. It was disgusting. 

Soon enough, an inviting blue light appeared in the centre of the room. Stepping into it they were transported outside, into the water. 

Where a happy-looking princess Ruto seemed to be waiting for them. 

Lulu was quick to look for someone to hold onto, and found Sisin, who didn't seem to mind holding him afloat too much. 

Ruto, for some reason, kept staring at him. "You saved my god. You wanted my Mother's stone, right? My mother said that I can only give the stone to the one I am to marry, in 7 years... Alright! It can be yours!" She swam up to Lulu, winked at him, and swam away.

"Uh... what?" he asked, the others chuckling. "Wait who's Marry?"

"Lulu, when two people love each other very much..." Sisin started, before a figure appeared near them. 

"Now is not the time to teach the young one about the birds and the bees." she said. 

It was Impa, the Sheikah warrior. She looked upset. "You are to follow me back to Kakariko Village, now. You have a choice to make."


Back at the village, the group found themselves around a table in the inn, accompanied by Tessa, who refused to leave Jem's side. 

"I told you you have a choice to make." Impa started. "You have been quick to thwart a part of Ganondof's plan, making this man angry. I have seen a vision of the future - a dark, dangerous future, in which war will have taken over the lands. But in 7 years, there will be an opportunity to save it. In that time, his plan will be completed, and he will have taken over most of the countries as we know them. 

"I need you to come with me to the Temple of Time. There, you will be kept safe for 7 years, after which a Sage will wake you, and you will be invited back into our world. You will not feel the time pass, but your friends will. Only then will you be strong enough to defeat the monsters that I am sure will have taken over the Lands. Should you accept this fate, I will find you in the morning. 

Lulu stood up first, surprising everybody "I'll do it. I want to help."

Sisin and Shadow glanced at each other but soon nodded their consent. They were in this as well. 

The only one who didn't speak was Jem. Instead, he stood and left the room, returning to Tessa's house without a word. 

Tessa followed him into her living room, where she found him playing his violin with a shaky passion. She was hesitant to shake him from his frenzy, but she stepped forward and put her hand on his shoulder. "James?"

Jem stopped playing. "Seven years, Tessa. I don't have seven years, I don't even know if I have seven days." He said, always looking forward. 

"But you know the Sages, Jem. I'm sure they'll keep you safe, and alive. Even Impa said, you won't feel the 7 years go by. I'm... I'm sure you'll be fine." she protested, but even she sounded doubtful. "And maybe after that time you will be able to save Will... I don't want you to die, Jem, and if I have to wait 7 years with the guarantee to see you again, I am willing to take that risk."

"I'm going to die anyway!" he shouted, making Tessa step back. "It's true and you know it. No matter what I won't live to see you or Will or anyone long enough to make it count. And I want to make it count." 

Tessa stepped forward again. "You do make it count. Every minute with you is a blessing from the Angels. I still love you Jem, even though you decided to leave, that feeling has stayed."

Jem looked up at her at that moment. Forgetting every bit of reason, he stepped forward and kissed her, gently but full of hope. She was married to his Parabatai, but that thought seemed pointless at that moment. 

Once he withdrew, he rested his forehead on hers. "Then why send me to my death?"

"I... I trust the Sages. They may even help you with your issue. I'll be ok for 7 years. Just... please, take this risk. For Will. For me?"

The discussion continued a long while into the night, after which they fell asleep sitting on the couch, hand in hand. 


The next morning, the group made their way to the Temple of Time, following Impa. 

Placing the stones on their respective pedestals, the Door of Time opened. 

They stepped in. 

In a stone, a beautiful sword. Not being able to help herself, Sisin took it, plunging the room into darkness. 

"Good morning" said a kind voice. "You just slept for 7 years."

The one talking to them was an old man in yellow robes. "I am the sage of Light. Seven years have passed since you walked into my domain. Now, accept this gift and join the mortal world."

A beam of sunlight came down on each of the four adventurers, filling them with strength. 

The sage vanished, the door opened to reveal some people waiting for them. 

Lulu joined a Kokiri friend, Saria. 

Shadow walked up to Shiek, another Sheikah. 

Sisin found an old friend. 

Jem saw Tessa's smile at the end of the room, but as soon as he crossed the door's threshold, his mind went dark, and he fell to the ground. 

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