Saturday, April 21, 2018

JABB? Are you there?



Is anyone running this page..? 



I can't agree with you more! 

Hey everyone! 
So some of you may have noticed that Just Another Bookish Blog hasn't exactly been an active blog since I kind of vanished from the face of the Internet in February. Did I travel? Did I meet someone and get super distracted? Did I die?! Did our wifi provider shut down making my blog inaccessible and ARCs un-requestable until we got a new provider?!?!?!

Actually, none of these happened: still haven't seen the world, still haven't met anyone, I'm still around (thank goodness), and our wifi, although iffy at times, didn't send us into the pre-internet era. 

So where on this Earth have you been!!? Or other planets, how can we know, to be fair?

... In my house? And at uni. 

I'm in my final round of classes before graduation. Although it's downright terrifying to think that in two months I need to hand in a thesis and in three months I'll be graduated, I haven't been letting that fear get to me too much. Actually, it's giving me an adrenaline boost! Between researching theoretical astrophysics for my thesis and taking very math-heavy courses (let's just say my math is no better than a 15-year-old's and now I'm thrown into integrals by parts and cylindrical coordinates), I've been spending a lot of time purely working, mostly in the common room of the university. 

Thank goodness I have the ability to ignore my friends when I need to. 

After long study days, I sometimes have dinner with my friends (thanks guys :) ) before going back home and falling asleep in a second out of mental exhaustion. WHICH I must say is an amazing change of pace from my usual insomnia. 

OH and my dreams lately have kind of been all forming one big story! I may or may not be taking notes when I wake up to participate in NaNoWriMo ;) 

Oh wow... so NO READING?! How are you still sane?

Eeeh that's not totally true! I've actually had some time to read, between big assignments and on the bus, mostly. So I am reading, but very, very slowly. 

Recent-ish insta post! <3 

So what, we're not good enough for your reviews? Fine, we see how it is! 

Naw, you guys deserve all the good bookish content that can be provided! (If you consider my reviews good content, hah. There are so many reviewers that are pure goals, my site is just a mess of brain-to-screen thoughts). Of course, I still review when I finish new books! 

When I finish new books! 

When I finish NNNNEEEEWWWW books... (imagine exaggerated slow-mo)

I have been re-reading a lot this year. Yes, I finished one new book: Hero at the Fall by Alwyn Hamilton (it was glorious, 5 feathers!), and am planning to read Obsidio in the next weeks (Illuminae book 3), but all the books in between were all re-reads, that were already featured. 

And for Hero at the Fall I kept forgetting to post and now it's slightly late ^^ Sorry Alwyn! 

Ok, so when's our next bookish post? 

Hopefully, it'll be whenever I finish Obsido! I've heard only incredible things about it. Then I have two ARCs for you to discover (after I discover them myself), then - wait for it - ... 

A Giant Book Unhaul.  


I recently got news that my family is moving from Maastricht (in the Netherlands) to Paris in August. The problem is that I'm staying in the Netherlands, and will be moving to Nijmegen myself. I'll need to split my books between what I have in my student room and what I send to France, and from all of those, I need to get rid of some, as I don't really have the space for the three bookshelves I now have, well, anywhere. 

But it's ok! It's a chance to freshen up my shelves and to potentially have room for new releases! (It's gotten to the point where every Buzzfeed, EpicReads or Goodreads list or quiz basically only has YA books that I've never read. Yeah, I haven't bought hyped books in ages if they don't finish a series... I'm a bad blogger I know). 

That's understandable

I hope it is! :) I love blogging and the people I have met through it, and I can't imagine stopping for good any time soon! I'll make sure to keep you updated on my news and reviews in the upcoming months :)

Stay Bookish!