Thursday, April 28, 2016

To-Be-Read Pile - Tag!

Hey all! 
I was tagged by Aga @ Books For the Mind to do this tag! ^.^ 

Let’s get started! 

1. A book you are unable to finish
Okay so there’s a lot of shame about this. I love Dan Brown’s books - The DaVinci Code, Inferno, Angels and Demons... They’re such intense reads! 

So I was at the second-hand area of my bookstore about two years ago and saw one of his books I haven’t read yet - Digital Fortress - and it sounded awesome!

I got to 30 pages to the end... 

I never picked it up again... 

I don’t know why I just couldn’t get myself to read it for anything. The book itself was okay, but... I just don’t know! o.o I ended up giving the book away to a better home ^^ 

2. A book you have yet to read because you just can’t find the time. 
I swear I’m getting through Lady Midnight! It’s such a shame I haven’t read it yet, it’s one of my most anticipated releases of 2016, and I’m 200 pages in, it’s just reading it has been very slow because of ARCs I’ve had to catch up with, our Graceling Read-along, exams, midterms, papers, etc... ._. 

3. A book you haven’t read yet because it’s brand new. 
I already own a copy of A Court of Mist and Fury even though it isn’t officially out yet, (thanks local bookstore!! <3 ) and I’m 50-ish pages in. Of course I haven’t read it yet, it’s not even brand new yet! Hopefully I’ll have read it before the release date. But I must say, that probably won’t happen, because of other stuff going on, and because it’s over 600 pages! ^^

4. A book you haven’t read yet, but you’ve already read a book by that author
I’ve read every single Rick Riordan book except for The Blood of Olympus... I know I know shame on me I’m gonna go hide now bye!!! 

5. A book you just aren’t in the mood for. 
I don’t know why...
I honestly don’t know... 
But I can’t get myself to be in the mood for Heir of Fire...
I know that everyone raves about this book and says how absolutely fantastic it is and everything, I just need to find the right time to get to it! I’m so so behind on the whole Throne of Glass hype, I’ve been waiting for so long between each book! I really should marathon them once I’m in the right mood for them. 

6. A book that is just too massive for you to find the motivation to pick it up
Well the size of a book has never really scared me, but a big book I haven’t read yet is the whole Chronicles of Narnia. I have some friends out there who are probably shaking their head or gasping right now XD But the copy I own is thicker than City of Heavenly Fire, which is also massive ._. 

7. The most intimidating book on your TBR pile
Intimidating? I guess I want to say 1984, I’m often pushed to read it, and now I’m just worried I won’t like it...

I can also say the Bartimaeus Trilogy for this, I’ve read the first book a super long time ago and didn’t like it much, but I found the last two books second-hand, and I’m tempted to pick them up again when I find the time, I’m just worried they’ll just be disappointing again...

That’s it for this tag! I have to go now, consider yourselves tagged by me! ^-^

Have an amazing day! 



  1. I haven't read Lady Midnight either! I have it, and it's sitting proudly on my shelf with the rest of my Cassandra Clare books, but I haven't found time to actually crack open the spine yet...
    WHAT, you haven't read Blood of Olympus? Caroline! PERCY! ANNABETH! NICO AND LEO AND REYNA AND HAZEL AND JASON AND FRANK AND PIPER!!! The Trials of Apollo is coming out in a few days...please tell me you'll finish Blood of Olympus before you read it!!!
    I'm so jealous you already have a copy of ACOMAF *.*

    1. I feel so bad about still being stuck on page 200-something for LM! ^^
      And no I haven’t... ._. and it’s been over a year since I’ve read House of Hades... I’ll try reading Trials of Apollo after BoO.

      And YES almost 100 pages in already :3 I REFUSE TO SPOIL!


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