Sunday, September 13, 2015

Meet My Shelf!

Bookshelf Tour! 

Hey all! I saw this done by Megan @ Books of Fascination do this, and I thought it was such a neat idea! Make sure to check out her post :) 

This be my shelf! (You’ll notice that a lot of series don’t have all the same layout/size/publishing, which is annoying but whatever I don’t mind too much :’) Except for some series...) 

This basically has some of my classic (LOTR, Narnia, Jane Austen) as well as some other ones (that tiny black one on the left is Fantastic Beasts). Aaand half of my dictionaries, cus I used to take way too many languages in school =p 

Series! Notably Harry Potter (hi Headwig! :3 ), the Inheritance cycle, the Last Dragon Chronicles, Divergent, and Exodus! :D

More series! My super-uneven Mortal Instruments collection (ugh book 4 and 6!!), Wings, Stravaganza, and Graceling! Aaaand there’s Wonderous strange and Ballad there as well. The purple one is my older Kindle :) 

These are more elementary school / middle grade books, as well as a few of my favorites and a few classics! 

My world records, my ‘ology collection, some non-fiction, and yearbooks. The rainbow in the middle? My favorite series as a kid :) Its a french series about a girl (Caroline) who lives with a bunch of animals who are her friends! (they were nice and I don’t want to get rid of them!) 

More almanacs, dictionaries, and randomness! Also my craft box I’ve had forever! 

Some series that I’ve just started buying! Red Queen, The Bartimaeus Triology, Throne of Glass, Peculiar Children, and a bunch of others :) I really need to get the next ones of  these! 

On this one I have a bunch of random hardback books, a bunch of random paperbacks. And then there’s my Giver Quartet and all my John Green books! (minus Paper Towns that a friend is now reading ^-^ )

Maximum Ride (and other James Patterson books), The Hunger Games, and all the rest are by Rick Riordan (I’m really bugged by The Last Olympian being hardbacked instead of paperback...) 

More random paperbacks, with some beginnings of series, and a bunch of french middle-grade books! :) 

Kids’ fairy tales, some non-fiction, and lots of Disney! :D 

And finally, the famous ‘blah’ shelf! Basically, papers, binders, folders, notebooks, and other random stuff x) 

And that’s it! :D 
Have a fabulous day! :) 


  1. You have so many books and such beautiful shelves!!!!!! <3 And you're very neat with your middle grade books! I, being the unorganized person I am, just kind of shoved them in another shelf. Lol. Amazing organization!!

    -Megan, Books of Fascination

    1. Aw thanks so much! (My middle grade ones look neat but are in no order whatsoever haha XD)
      That’s the first time anyone’s complimented me on my organization!! Thanks so much!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I am officially jealous of you! My bookshelf is sadly significantly smaller, and I have stuffed books into it to the max... I think I need a new shelf soon...
    Absolutely loved this post and all the books you have on it! :D

    1. Hehehe ^^ my problem is that I NEVER unhaul, which is something I really should do eventually. Plus all of the bottom selves aren't super bookish =p New shelves are always a nice idea :) and thanks so much!!


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