Thursday, September 10, 2015

Blog Changes

Hey everyone!
So you probably noticed that I’ve been playing around with the settings used on Blogger. For a while I had the most basic of their backgrounds and layouts, with a simple font and just a few gadgets. Now, I changed the template, added buttons for my favorite series and my teams, changed the main font, and added my own rating system. 
I’m doing all of this to make this blog more ‘mine’, you know? 

I would really Really REALLY appreciate it if you guys let me know what you think about the new layout? Is the new background too much? Is the font currently used hard to read? Is it incoherent for some reason? Or is it just fine? 

I can always revert to the original, and I won’t mind! I was just curious about how different styles would work :) Who knows maybe I’ll change it again in a month =p 

Any feedback would be AMAZING!!! 

Have a nice day C: 


  1. I think it looks great! The design is very clean and easy-to-navigate. The font size on your posts is a little small for me, but then, I'm really old (I'll be 40 in December!) and so are my eyes :) Have fun personalizing your blog. That's one of the funnest parts about blogging!

    1. Aw thank you for your feedback, that’s nice to hear! It is really fun to go crazy with the settings! ^-^

  2. I love the new background! It really has that fantasy feel to it ^.^ Plus the purple matches your rating system, which makes it all the better! Also loving all your teams that you've put on the side, which is to say that I'm totally with you on those teams and book series ;)

    1. Aw thanks!! That’s why I liked it - it blends science and fantasy in a way I like ^_^
      And high five for the teams :D


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