Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top 15 of 2015!

Top 15 of 2015! 

Hey all! 


I hope you all have an amazing 2016, full of all good things :) I want to thank all of you guys for being an amazing group of readers! I know I already said this previously, but THANK YOU!!! 

As promised, today, I’m doing my Top 15 books that I read in 2015. 
Now a lot of these didn’t come out this year. Amazingly, only one of these is a re-read! 

So let’s get started! :D 

1. Clockwork Angel - Aka the infernal devices #1 and 2. I love Cassandra Clare’s writing and her shadowhunter world! I cannot WAIT to read Clockwork Princess and her upcoming book, Lady Midnight! 

2. Throne of Glass - Has this book seriously been published for several years, and I only just found this series? It’s so great! 

3. The Sirens of Falkeld - Now this is an ARC that I read. You can buy it now! I didn’t know what to expect from this book, but I ended up really liking it! It’s such a peculiar mermaid book! 

4. The Iron King - I’d love to read the next books! The first book was a fun read, I enjoyed it’s take on known fairy tales! 

5. Forget Tomorrow - Another ARC I really enjoyed! I hope I’ll get the chance to read the next one! This one is being sold in hardcover, too! Definitely worth the read :) 

6. Saint Anything - Probably my favorite contemporary of the year. It was simple and realistic, and made me smile. 

7. Library of Souls - Okay to be fair I read the entire ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ this year. However, the last book, Library of souls, really surprised me! My favorite of the series for sure! 

8. The Shock of the Fall - This contemporary was more heartbreaking, but so nice! (We’re wierd that way, as booklovers. We can cry during a book, want to throw it on the floor, break because of the ending, and then recommend it to every person we know! Like The Fault in our Stars. Yeah, TSOTF was like that!) 

9. Red Queen - This was a fun read, and I can’t wait until Glass Sword is released! It did have some obvious YA tropes, but it was still surprisingly good! 

10. Magonia - Probably one of my favorite supernatural books of the year! The writing was magical, and the story was really surprising! I loved the mythology! 

11. Illuminae - So much fun to read! And it had such an amazingly cliff-hanger-y ending, with awesome characters. It was just a shame that it took a while to get into. Otherwise, it was amazing!! 

12. Nimona - My first graphic novel! I thought it was SO GOOD! Just go read it. It takes a few hours at most, and is totally worth it! 

13. Wonder - Like the Shock of the Fall, but happier. I can honestly recommend it to anyone from 10 years old to adults. It has such a nice message, and is a really nice read! 

14. An Ember in the Ashes - Such a good debut novel! The second book, A Torch Against the Night, is one of my most anticipated books of next year! 

15. I am the Messenger - My only top-re-read of the year! I seriously really like this book, saying that little things can help people in ways you don’t expect. Just go out there and make someone’s day, it’ll be worth it in the end <3 

I can narrow these down more, too. My top of the top would include An Ember in the Ashes, Nimona, Illuminae, Magonia, The Shock of the Fall, I am the Messenger, Throne of Glass, The Infernal Devices, and Wonder. :) 

How about you? What were some of your favorite books of the year? 

And again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <3 


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