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Discussion Saturday - Percy Jackson and the Olympians read-along - How to Prepare?

Discussion Saturday - Percy Jackson and the Olympians read-along - How would you prepare to enter the Labyrinth?

Hey all!
Welcome to this read-along’s fourth Discussion Saturday! 

This week’s theme is: How would you prepare going into the labyrinth?  

I’ll be doing this as a story again, from my character’s POV! I hope you enjoy it!! C: 

Caroline opened the door to cabin three and sighed. In the morning, a small group of campers would go into the Labyrinth, and she was one of them. One thing she hated was not knowing what was going on, and the Labyrinth was sure to confuse her more than she would like. 

She sat on the edge of her bunk - the bottom bunk, directly on the left of the door when she came it. She pulled her bag out of under the bunk and shook the dust off of it. 

Just then, Tyson burst in. “Caroline! Can we go see the chicken ponies? Please!!!” 

Caroline smiled at him “We’ll go in a bit, okay. Remember how there’s a problem with a maze? I have to leave tomorrow morning to help figure out that problem, so first, I have to pack.” she explained with a smile. 

Tyson looked a bit confused  “Packing for the maze. And then chicken ponies” he mumbled as he walked out. 

She continued packing - a water bottle for drinking, and another one for water control. She stuffed a ziplock of Ambrosia in her back, along with a compass Tyson had made, and her small arrow-fixing kit. She walked over to the back of the room, to a closet next to the saltwater spring. She opened it, picking up her bow and a quiver of various arrows. She collapsed her bow into bracelet form and slid it onto her wrist. She did the same with her quiver. She collected a few drachma from the bottom of the saltwater spring and put them in her bag as well. She also took a long knife that she strapped to the front of her bag. She threw in a few hairties, and her packing was done. 

She put her bag at the foot of her bed and stretched, walking back outside, towards the beach. She was watching the water when Percy came up to her. 

“Hey, you look worried.”

“I”m just thinking about tomorrow. I mean, sure, you told me what to expect in the Labyrinth, but.. it collapsed when Daedalus died. How did it reform? Did it change? Am I worrying for nothing?” 

Percy just grinned and said “You’ll do fine. Besides, you still have all day.” He hugged her and added. “Tyson wanted to see the pegasi, want to come?” 

Caroline smiled and said “Yeah, he did say that he wanted to see the ‘chicken ponies’. Not sure how much Blackjack will appreciate that nickname!” she said with a laugh. 

They walked to the stables and found Tyson there. A few hours later, she had said her good-byes to her friends she would be missing. 

She was ready to enter the Labyrinth. 

What do you think about the subject? Make sure to join the read-along if you haven’t done so already! Also, make sure to check out Erika’s discussion! 



  1. Oooh, I completely forgot about a compass! That would definitely help. Food and water are absolutely essential too! Make sure you pack extra arrows :)

    1. I don’t know if a compass would actually help, I just wanted to take it because I like to know which way is north x)

      And of course! Food and water are huge, and don’t worry, I have a bunch of em ;)


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