Monday, March 21, 2016

Birthstone Book Tag!

Birthstone Book Tag! 

Hey all! 
Many thanks to Kayleigh @ A Book Lovers Playlist for tagging me to do the Birthstone Book Tag! I haven’t been tagged in a while, so I’m excited to start! 

In case you are curious, by birthstone is Sapphire. Yep, I was born in September! 

So let’s get this started! 

1. January - Garnet - Associated with warding off negative forces and dark energies - Name a book with the darkest/evilest character you can think of. 
*Slowly holds up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows* Oh come on you know Voldemort gets the prize for darkness! 

2. February - Amethyst - Associated with royalty - Name a book with regal qualities... you can off the characters, or choose the King of all books. 
You know what, I think I just have to go with Red Queen for this! Well at least the second book, Glass Sword! I’m almost done with it I promise! 

3. March - Aquamarine - Washed out - Name a ‘wishy-washy’ character, a character who is not strong or a follower. 
So... like a character who’s just... there? Not strong or a follower? Hm.. I don’t know o.o

4. April - Diamond - A diamond in the rough - A book that you love but is still not well known. 
Ooh good topic! I have a whole list for you guys!
- Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton
- Graceling by Kristin Cashore
- I, Coriander by Sally Gardner

5. May - Emerald - Said to balance energy - Name two characters who balance each other well.
Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. Enough said! 

6. June - Pearl - Associated with loyalty - Name a character who is loyal to the end. 
Aw I just used Percy! Well I guess I’ll say Simon from The Mortal Instruments. Because Simon. 

7. July - Ruby - Blood red - Name a book that made your blood boil, that made you angry. 
*Everyone in the world slowly holds up their copy of Allegiant, with the last few chapters covered in tear-marks and a few crumpled pages* 

8. August - Peridot - Pale in comparison - Name a supporting character who you like better than the main character.
I like Fang better than Max in Maximum Ride, I’m sorry ._.

9. September - Sapphire - blue like the calming ocean - Name a book that had a calming effect on you.
The Rest of us Just Live Here was such a cute, relaxing book! Read it! :D 

10. October - Opal - Iridescent - Name an iridescent book (pretty cover, or colorful characters).  
The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise has a STUNNING cover! It’s just so pretty! And so does Rebel of the Sands!

11. November - Topaz - Associated with Resilience - A book with a character who rises to the top in a time of adversity. 
Katniss Everdeen, of course! :D 

12. December - Blue Topaz - Associated with friendship - A book friendship you’d love to be a part of. 
Hmm maybe the Paper Towns’ crew? They seem fun :) That or the group from Saint Anything! 

And that’s it :D 
I don’t have a lot of time right now to tag people, but I’ll comment on your blog about this if you are tagged! ^_^
What do you think, do you agree? 
I hope you all have a fabulous day! <3

Also! My bookstagram just hit 400 followers and I’m freaking out! :D my user is @justanotherbookishblog 


  1. What a fun tag! I love your November pick!!!

  2. This looks like so much fun! I'm gonna have to do it!

    Carrie @The Book Goddess

  3. Yay, thanks for the tag! This one looks super fun! :D
    Hahaha, I laughed out loud for so many of these! Voldemort definitely takes the prize for being evil! He was downright sinister. I don't know if being a pureblood would help avoid him, since he probably would try to recruit you... I'm in complete agreement with you with Allegiant. Seriously, how painful was that? Oooh, I'm reading Rebel of Sands this weekend! I can't wait to read it, especially since you gave it such a great rating! :D

    1. No worries, I hope you enjoy it! :D
      I’m glad you agree with these, Voldemort is a pain, and Allegiant was just heartbreaking!
      YAYYYY I want to read your review of it because I had a mini book hangover that I wasn’t expecting after reading it!


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