Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday - Top books of 2015 (so far)

TTT - Top Ten Books I've Read in 2015 So Far :) 

Hey all! 
Welcome to a new TTT!
I'm really liking today's theme, because its not restricted to books published in 2015! 
This TTT was created by The Broke and the Bookish, make sure to check out their blog by clicking on the image on the right! 

So, the best books I've read so far in 2015 are...

1. Magonia, by Maria Dahvana Headley
I read this book recently, right when it came out, and I can probably say that it's my favorite book this year so far! Make sure to check out my review if you haven't done so already! :D

2. Paper Towns, by John Green
I read this book because the movie was coming out, and, aside from Will Grayson, Will Grayson, it was the only John Green book I hadn't read yet. 
I loved this book more than Looking for Alaska, and maybe even more than The Fault in our Stars! It was just such a nice story!!! 
Full review to come with the release of the movie ;) 

3. Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard
Really like this one! Read it when it came out, and I can't wait until Glass Sword comes out!!... in 2016...

4. The Shock of the Fall, by Nathan Filer
Another book that I read this year that I just loved! It was such a nice story! A bit confusing at times, but it was written that way for a reason :) 

5. Clockwork Angel, by Cassandra Clare
Gimme the next books! I loved this one, can't wait to see how the next ones play out! :D 

6. Throne of Glass, by Sarah J. Maas
Can't wait until the next books come in the mail!! This book was so amazingly great! 

7. Let it Snow, by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle 
Probably one of the cutest christmassy books I've read in a long time! Such sweet stories! :3 

8. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs
Awesome book, great idea behind it! I love how the author was able to take these amazing pictures and weave a story out of it! 

9. Gathering Blue, by Lois Lowry
This book is an accompaniment to The Giver, and, even though I really liked the Giver a lot more, I thought that this was a cute and unexpected continuation of the story! :) 

10. Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, by J.K. Rowling 
I read all of the Harry Potter books again this, year, and HBP is one of my favorites :) 

Whats your favorite book so far? Let me know in the comments! :D
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Have an awesome day!

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