Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pottermore - Can you guys do me a quick favor?

Hey all! 
So maybe some of you guys were on Pottermore before it changed to what it was now. You know, the Pottermore with the comments sections, the interactive books, the potions and duels and collections. 

I’m writing an essay on Harry Potter fans and how they have influence on the ‘owners’ of the story and the site. It’s pretty hard to find first-hand accounts of how much fans appreciated the old pottermore vs. how much they dislike the new pottermore, even though that’s a large topic of discussion. 

Can you guys do me a favor and, in the comments, write a short bit about why, as a harry potter fan, you enjoyed the old website? I would appreciate it so much!! <3



  1. Aww this is a really cool thing to do Caroline! What is the essay for, if you don't mind me asking, or is it just for fun?

    I loved the old Pottermore as there was an accurate test to see which house I was in (Hufflepuff forever!) as well as pick a wand. Despite never receiving a letter from Hogwarts, the old Pottermore almost let me believe I truly was a witch at heart. While the new website is fun with all the stories Rowling gives, it just doesn't feel the same.

    Sinead @ Less Reality More Books

    1. Hi Sinead!
      Well writing essays just for fun isn’t something I do often! It’s for my ‘future of literature’ class, I’m talking about the power of the HP fandom over its transmediated content (namely on pottermore). If you’d like to read it I can post it here!

      Thanks for your answer!

    2. Yeah that'd be really cool actually :)

  2. Wow, this sounds like a really fun essay! I'd be more than happy to help :)

    What I loved about the old Pottermore was that I felt like I individually had a place in the Harry Potter world. I wasn't just part of the massive fan base--I actually had a house, my own wand, my own trunk, even my favourite spells. It felt like I was going off with Harry on his journey through the books, like how you couldn't advance until you bought your new school supplies for the beginning of the book. I really liked how I could read along as I interacted with the site, and could get insider information and get a visualization of what the scene looked like. I also liked how if you looked close enough, you could collect gallons or trading cards. It really gave you that sense of finding ordinary wizarding items lying around everywhere, as commonly as we would find coins or paperclips. It really made me want to reread the entire series just to read along and experience it again in a new way. I felt like I was finally living in the world, and that there was a place in the wizarding world for everyone!

    Potterheads unite! XD

    1. Wow thanks for that, that really helps! :D Do you think I should publish this on JABB after, idk!!

  3. I enjoyed the old website because it was games really. It was fun to explore the HP world visually, and to feel like I was a witch/wizard myself. Right now however, Pottermore is just an enyclopedia of sorts - and that decreases from the interactiveness.


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