Thursday, December 10, 2015

12 days of Tagmas! #1 - Conquering Kingdoms Book Tag!

12 days of Tagmas #1 - Conquering Kingdoms Book Tag! 

OKAY so it’s totally normal that you don’t know what Tagmas is, I legit just made it up XD There’s a lot of christmassy tags / tags that look cool! So, throughout December, I’ll try to do 12 Tags!
I CHALLENGE YOU TO DO THE SAME! We can celebrate Tagmas together! :D

*Does a little Dance* I am done with exams! Three week break coming my way! :D 

Hey everyone! 
So now that I’m all done with uni for a while, I took some lazy time to catch up on what I missed on Youtube, including booktube. And there, I saw that two of my favorite booktubers (Jessethereader and Abookutopia, who you should check out if you haven’t already!) did this tag!

So you probably heard about the Falling Kingdoms series. I’m one of those people who hasn’t read them yet, but would love to read them. Some of you may know that book 4 (if I’m not mistaken) is coming out next year! 
To honor that, the author, Morgan Rhodes, created this tag centered around the universe her book is set in, but relates to different books! Aaaand I thought the questions were so great that I could do the tag as well! :D

So let’s get this started! 

  1. In Mythica, there are constant betrayals, and you cannot trust anyone. Which book character would you trust to be your sidekick on this adventure? 
Ooh starting off on a tough one! I think some characters I could trust would be Percy Jackson, Lucian Mulholland (Stravaganza series), Katsa Middlunds (Graceling series), or Peeta (Hunger Games). They each have their own qualities that make them both trustworthy and useful as a sidekick! So hard to choose just one though!

  1. You will come in contact with people who would want you dead in Mythica. Would you be an archer, like Katniss or an assassin, like Celeana? 
I do archery... I own a child’s standard bow (for when I was younger) and a recurve bow which I use now...
Do I even need to officially answer this? 

  1. What fantasy would would you like to conquer? 
SO MANY OF THEM! But, I think The Seven Kingdoms from Graceling would be EPIC! That or Alagaesia from Eragon! 

  1. Which fictional character would you choose to rule at your side? 
Ooh so this is both a book-boyfriend question and a ruler question! Wow! Let me think about that! This is really hard, but I think I might say prince Po, from Graceling again. (That series is so underrated!) Sorry for using the same series again, but it just fits!

  1. Who would you throw into the dungeon?
Sebastian Morgenstern!

  1. Who gets stabbed in the back? 
Ooh, so like who would be naive enough to get stabbed in the back? I might get hate for this, but Tris Prior. She’s constantly stabbed in the back anyway, right? 

  1. What elemental magic would you choose to wield? 

So that’s the Tag! Feel free to do it yourself, let me know if you do! 
Also, I’m participating on #Abookishholday on instagram, so every day in December, I post a picture! :D 
let me know if you have any tags you want me to do! :D 

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