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Discussion Saturday - Percy Jackson Read-Along

Discussion Saturday - Percy Jackson and the Olympians read-along - How we would have reacted to discovering we were a half-blood. 

Hey all!
Welcome to this read-along’s first Discussion Saturday! 

This week’s theme is: How would you have reacted to discovering you were a demigod? This can be both from your point of view, or your characters. 

For those of you who don’t know, Erika and I created our halfblood profiles last Sunday! You can check mine out here, and hers here!

I decided to write mine from my character’s point of view, I hope you enjoy this little story! :) 

If you have a character profile, send us your stories! If you don’t you can still make a character, and make their stories as well! :) 

My character’s POV: 

Everyone was settled around the campfire, telling stories about how they discovered their identity. Caroline watched as people were suddenly watching her, and noticed that the last person had stopped talking. It was her turn to talk about her back story - how she found out she was a demigod, and how she reacted. She looked around - most of the people were fairly new to camp, so wouldn’t know her backstory yet. 
“So, I guess it’s my turn” she started, looking into the campfire “I found out I was a demigod - or would it be goddess? - right before I turned 11. Unlike most people, a satyr never found me. Instead, I was walking the handful of blocks to school, when I saw a kid who looked around, looking lost. This kid looked 3 or 4, and was terrified. I stopped to help him, kneeling so I could see what was wrong. Then, he said in a strangely adult voice. I swear” she giggled “he sounded around 40. Now that was already scary! Anyway, he said “Would you look at that? One of you stopping to help a kid. And here I thought you were all careless towards us monsters. No matter, I still can’t stand your kind.” before his - its - eyes turned completely black, and it grew claws, growing to twice its size. I stood up and started running, but it easily caught up, and said “I found you, godling” Of course, I had no idea what it was talking about. It swiped with its claws, creating the scars I still have on my shoulder. I ran through the heavy traffic, as I’ve done before, stepping on the hoods of cars to not get hit. The monster wasn’t as smart, and was slowed down quite a bit, but kept coming. I had to do something, so, when it came close again, I took a shard of glass from the floor and cut off its claws, and finished it off. It dissolved in a green smoke, with a hiss. I kept the claws, and now they’re upstairs where the oracle used to be.”
“When I caught my breath, someone came up to me. They had seen the whole thing, and gave me a golden coin, and called up a strange taxi, which brought me to camp. It was so hard to accept the reality of things at first - I had grown up in a comfortable home with a great family, and then creatures and gods who I thought were just myths tell me that there was a whole list of monsters trying to kill me and the rest of camp. Not exactly a great way to spend a Monday, and trust me, I hate Mondays.”
“I got accustomed to camp pretty quickly. My brother, Percy, who was almost 15 at the time, left for his quest in the Labyrinth around two months after I came to camp, but taught me a lot about everything”
“It was definitely scary at first, but I grew used to the idea. Now I feel like I belong” She finished with a small smile. 
“Okay, I need a s’more now! Who’s next?” She said, grabbing a marshmallow.

That’s it! :D I hope you enjoyed that! 
Honestly if it happened in real life, I would be terrified and incredibly confused at first, until I got comfortable with the situation, and the people around me. But it would definitely be hard. 

Make sure to join the read-along if you haven’t done so already! Also, make sure to check out Erika’s reaction! She did it the other way around, more realistically :) Have a lovely day!! 


  1. LOVED THIS!!! :D
    Oooh, you got spoils from your very first battle? And you killed the monster off with a shard of glass! Wow, I'm really impressed! I wish I got spoils from my first monster, but alas, it wasn't until I went on my first quest that I actually got anything. I suppose our items are all up there with the Oracle, swapping stories of who got them and how.
    Note to self: never trust little kids, especially if you're a demigod!

  2. Ghehe thanks! I actually really enjoyed writing it! C:

    Yeah... well it’s true I did those things, butI didn’t notice I was doing them. It was like instinct took over. I probably never would have done it otherwise.
    And yeah I learnt that lesson quickly! Hahaha =p


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