Friday, May 13, 2016

Infinity Dreams Award

Hey all! 

I want to send a huge thank you to Sam @ Tsundoku Books for tagging me for the Infinity Dreams Award! :D Definitely a blog to follow if you’re not already! 

It’s so pretty ^u^

1. give 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions set by the one who nominated you
3. Nominate 11 bloggers to get this award
4. Ask the bloggers you’ve nominated to answer your own 11 questions
5. Bonus points: Answer you questions in a vlog! 

11 facts about me
1. I used to plate the flute! I stopped because of school reasons, but I really loved being in band! 

2. Two of my favorite food combinations are chocolate+mint and chocolate+caramel

3. I’ve never read Narnia *hides* 

4. I’m currently the head of the charity committee at my university

5. I love jigsaw puzzles! Two years ago I spent 3 months doing one that was totally red and green. Let’s just say that I watched a lot of movies while putting it together! 

6. I’m super afraid of moths... ._. I know I know... 

7. I do archery! I’ve been teaching myself since I was 12, and just love the sport! I taught it for about a week last summer, and I’m looking for a club to join during my semester abroad in Perth! 

8. I’m a bit of a geek/nerd ^-^ I mean, I played dungeons and dragons for a while xD

9. Even though I love reading, I’m not interested in writing my own book. I want to go into chemical / environmental research, maybe green chemistry? 

10. I have so many NetGalley books I have to catch up on, you might be seeing ARCS here for a while...

11. Summer is my favorite season (except for the fact that it relates to fact 6). I love warm weather! 

My answers

1. Are you currently in school? If so, what is your favorite class? If not, what was your favorite class? 
Wellll I’m in university. We only take 2 (and a half) classes at a time, so it’s hard to choose between two classes. However, in the two yeas I’ve been here, I’ve really enjoyed Organic Chemistry (and the practical that went with it). 

2. What has been your favorite read so far this year? 
Hmm... either A Court of Thorns and Roses, Clockwork Princess, or Everything Everything. Oh or maybe The Rest of us just Live Here. OH and Rebel of the Sands!!! *-* 

3. Do your friends (that you know personally) share your love for books?
Not really, sadly... 

4. Do you have a tattoo? Do you plan to get one? 
I don’t have one, and I’m not planning on it. BUT if I had to, those tiny little ones that are super simple are always so nice! 

5. What was the first ARC you received? 
My first physical ARC was The Darkest Lie, by Pintip Dunn! My very first e-ARC was To Nowhere, by C.E. Wilson

6. Where is your favorite place to read. 
Either on my bed or in a car/train/bus/plane. 

7. Which fictional character do you connect with the most? 
UHM?! I dunno o.o let me think about it, I’ll answer it later... 

8. What’s your first memory of reading? 
Well I read all the time, but my most vivid one was in 4th grade when I managed to read the magic school bus chapter book in one hour, and I was so proud of myself! Otherwise, I just remember practically living in the library. In kindergarten I used to read the hungry caterpillar during naptime while everyone was sleeping! 

9. Do you like to write? What are you working on? 
I’m not so much a writer as a reader. The only thing I really write is my essays for uni... 

10. What song do you feel the need to sing at the top of your lungs? 
That really depends on my mood, actually. If I’m in a good mood, it’ll be something more dance-y and fun :)

11. When do you do most of your blogging? 
After classes, in the evenings. 

Bloggers I tag
Erika @ Books, Stars, and the Pages in Between
Carrie @ The Book Goddess
Caroline/Sunny @ Stardust and Words]
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My questions for you!

1. Chocolate and what? 

2. What’s your favorite club at school/university? 

3. Do you bake? What do you like baking? 

4. Favorite ARC you’ve received? 

5. Favorite color? 

7. Sparkly water or still water? 

8. If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be? 

9. Favorite line of the last movie/episode you watched of _____? 

10. Outside or inside? 

11. Do you know what a blue raspberry JollyRancher is? If not, what do you think it is? Then, look it up and tell me your reaction! ^_^ (heheheh) 

WOW THATS IT! That was quite long, took me almost two hours to write, but it was a lot of fun! :D Enjoy it! 


  1. Aww this is so sweet! Thanks Caroline! :) I also am obsessed with Clockwork Princess and Rebel of the Sands :) Also I think its really cool that you do archery, I've always wanted to try it!

  2. Yay, thanks for tagging me! I'm so far behind on all my tags (O.O) but I'll get to this as soon as possible!!!

  3. It's cool that you can do archery my skills are beyond the bottom line hehehe. That sounds like fun. Thank you for tagging me. :)

  4. I've never finished Narnia! So you're not alone. Lol! Thanks for the tag! I don't do these awards, but I appreciate it!

  5. Thank you so much for tagging me! I loved reading your answers! Isn't A Court of Thorns and Roses and Clockwork Princess, just the best? I read so much a night in my bed and I also love to read on public transport too!

  6. First off, thank you so much for tagging me!
    I've been debating this for a while but I'm going to do this post as a vlog.... so wish me luck!
    Third, I love archery too! It was really hard for me to learn at first... but now I'm getting a lot better! I wouldn't say I'm 'good' at it but I'm not going to give up!

    Carrie @The Book Goddess


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