Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Bookery

The Bookery

Hi all!
So I'm on vacation back in the States, and, of course, there's used book stores in pretty much any towns!
We went to Placerville, California where my dad is from. When walking along Main Street, we came across an old, second-hand book store. It's probably the coolest book store I've seen! 

It had all kinds of books! The shelves reached the ceiling! I could have stayed in there for hours, had we not been on a tight schedule! 

(Oops a little blurry... ^-^) 
In the end, I ended up getting two of the first ones I saw, and that I've been waiting to get for a while - Across the Universe, and Wicked Lovely. Had I stayed longer, I would have gotten a whole pile!  Anyway, we will be going to another one like this near Sacramento in a week or two. 

If you guys are ever in the Northern California area, make sure to stop by! The lady who keeps the bookstore is very sweet, and told me that she had more books that she knows what to do with! 

Here's the address - 

326 Main St.
Ca. 95667
Tel: (530) 626-6454

It's been open since 1981, and is just an awesome place!

I guess my overall message is that you should maybe ease off of Barnes and Nobles, or Amazon, and support these little shops a bit more. :) They have so many new and old books, for any age and personalities and reading preferences! 

Have a good day! :D 

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