Monday, May 25, 2015

Legend, by Marie Lu

Hi all! 
So I just finished Legend, by Marie Lu. It is about to main characters; a rich girl named June, who has a perfect score on her Trial and has a high rank in the local military, and a boy named Day, who is poor, lives on the streets, and is a wanted criminal. It is set in a dystopian Los Angeles, where law and order rule over everything. One day, the two character's lives will meet in an unexpected way...

So now for the review! 

This book was a real page-turner!


Even though it too me a while to finish due to university and whatnot, I found Legend to be a very enjoyable read. Marie Lu has created a complete dystopia - hurricanes, a super-strict military, a plague, a sort of 'eligibility test', death sentences, extreme poverty... you name it, and it was there! 


Okay.. maybe no penguins. But you know what I mean. All major elements that can be seen as dystopian are there in this crazy blend of a book! 

Another aspect that I appreciated is that as you hop between June and Day's point of views, the font style and color changes. The chapter title are also the character titles for further clarification. Had this not been the case, I would have definitely been confused about who was talking when. 

I can totally see this book becoming a movie - the descriptions are mostly very clear, to a point where you can actually imagine the surroundings. 

One little problem I have with the book is the age boundaries. I mean sure, kids can take their Trial at ten, to check how they will do in the future. Then it gets very blurry. June is 15 in the novel, and already has a very high rank in the city's military. Day is 15 and he is a wanted criminal. Tess is even younger and lives on the streets as well. I just wish the ages were more realistic for the situation. 

Otherwise, this book was a very enjoyable read, with a great idea behind it! 

I gave it 4/5 stars on Goodreads! 
This book completed my "a book written by someone under 30" goal!

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