Friday, September 9, 2016

Feature and Follow Friday ~1~

Hey All! 

I missed doing these! Welcome to a new Feature and Follow Friday!

This is a weekly blog hop partially hosted by Alison Can Read! Each week, there’s a question to answer! 

Let’s get to it! :) 

“Have you ever disliked or felt ‘meh’ about a book, only to later change your mind a love it?”

I feel like this is something a lot of bloggers/reviewers can relate to - we don’t like a book specifically, but then raves and reviews make you change your mind in a sense. I guess I can say that this is the case for me for Glass Sword, by Victoria Aveyard. I really didn’t like it much when I was reading it, but, surely enough, reading enough reviews and seeing the hype around the upcoming book three made my opinion on the book increase a bit. 

It’s kinda crazy how that happens. We have such a network as bloggers, with different opinions. If you see a general positive hype about a series, you expect yourself to like it as well. Once you see something with bad reviews, you might not pick it up in fear or expectation that you won’t like it. And if you liked it, people might point out 1001 reasons why you shouldn’t. And it works the other way around too - if you didn’t like something that people are crazy about, seeing why the book was good might change your mind. 

I still don’t like A Game of Thrones, though. Sorry! ^-^ 

Anyway, I have lots of work to do today. 

Have a great day and, if I dont’ post anything until monday, an amazing weekend! :D 


  1. I love your blog banner!

    I totally agree with you, I tend to have the habit of judging a book by it's ratings. If a book goes a little lower than a 4.00 rating I would start to doubt myself. Do I really need to pick it up? So I really agree on how the hype has pushed me into "liking" certain books.

    I'm a new follower!

    1. Aw thanks Natasha! :D

      I really try not to, but if a book has a lower rating than 3, then it’ll scare me. I’ve read some with low ratings that I adored, and some with incredibly hight rating that I just didn’t like. There should be other ways to rate books, or parameters! That could be cool! :)

  2. I haven't even read the books! LOL New Bloglovin follower.

  3. I didn't love Glass Sword as much as Red Queen, that's for sure. But I didn't find it half-bad. There's been books in the past where I questioned whether I and my fellow book bloggy friends read the same one because they loved it and I didn't.

    Ren @ The Book Slayer

    1. Yep! I can totally relate to that! There seems to be a massive hype about The Perks of Being a Wallflower, so I tried it and was really disappointed. I think I gave it a 2/5 which I rarely ever do! /:

  4. I tend to go into a book with a set expectation based on what I have heard from others and get desiappointed when they are not met. Therefore, I always try to go in with a blank slate mindset.

    1. It’s always good to try to go in unbiased :)


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