Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Would You Rather...? - Book Edition!

Would You Rather...?

Wow I've been posting a lot lately! 
I've been tagged by Aga from Books For the Mind to do this tag! Thanks so much! Make sure to check out her blog, it's great! :D 
Ooh I just had a look at the questions they look really tough! 0_0
Well, here it goes!


1. ... only read trilogies, or only read stand-alone books?
Hmm... if 'trilogies' includes any length of series then I'd go with trilogies. But if it strictly means a series with 3 books in it, I'd go with stand-alones. This is because stand alones can give the satisfaction of finishing a story, rather than waiting what will happen. Also, a lot of my favorite books are, or can be read as, stand alones

2. ... read only male or female authors?
This question is really hard, because I never really pay a lot of attention to the author when I pick out what I read. My favorite authors are a pretty much perfectly even mix of male and female authors. I might say female authors, just because I've been reading a lot of books by female authors lately, but this is completely random. However, I would then be loosing the ability to read the books of a lot of amazing male authors :/ mehhhhh NEXT!

3. ... shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?
BARNES AND NOBLE HOW IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION!!? Amazon is taking over the job of being a bookstore and its NOT COOL! So many B&N's are closing because everyone is getting books off Amazon. Sure I get some from Amazon, but I would always go to B&N if I could 

4. ... if books were made into TV shows or movies?
Oh gosh... it really depends on the book! I mean, I can't see The Hunger Games as a TV series, but making The Mortal Instruments into a series is SUCH  a good idea! I think movies would work for most books, but some are just better in series. 

5. ... only read 5 pages per day, or 5 books a week? 
To be honest, none of these sound nice or possible. Let me explain. Five pages a day would be so hard, because you always want to know what happens next! What if the last page ends on a confession? Or a question? Or an explosion? Waiting a whole day to know what would happen would be awful! Plus, with a 300 page book, it'd take almost 3 months to read one book! I guess one advantage would be that you get the most out of the entire book...
Then, for 5 books a week: you have to zip through them so quickly, all the stories would be blurry and you'd just get the main outline out of it! Also, if I had to read 5 books a week, my grades would fall so quickly, because homework and readings (for classes) and writing essays already takes most of my time! One advantage for this would be that you could catch up on your tbr pile super quickly, I guess...
I'm not answering this one. I know it's against the rules but they are both evenly bad.

6. ... be a professional author or reviewer?
A reviewer. This one is easy. I'm not a great writer, so yeah =p plus I love reviewing!!

7. ... be a librarian or a bookseller?
Um probably a bookseller, as you can get a look at all the new releases right away ^-^

8. ... read only your favorite genre, or read every other genre except for your favorite?
Only my favorite genre. For now, YA is considered to be a genre, and it's so broad that I don't think I would mind. Even if we consider my favorite genre genre, fantasy, there is so much covered in it, that I really wouldn't mind :')

9. ... only read e-books or physical books?
Physical books will always rule the book kingdom in my world!

So there's my tag! If you have done this at any time, put the link in the comments and I'll check yours! :D 
If you haven't done it, pikachu, I tag you! (Lol I tried) 

Have an amazing day! :)

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