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The Iron King, by Julie Kagawa

The Iron King, by Julie Kagawa

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The Iron King, by Julie Kagawa, is about Meghan Chase a 16 year old girl who thinks her life is normal. She isn't popular or cool, or even respected at school. She doesn't even feel like she totally fits in with her family! Until, one day her usually sweet brother becomes demonic, and her best friend brings her through her closet to a world she never would have thought could exist...
It turns out she's the daughter of Oberon, the summer carry king, and wants to be used as a pawn by Mab, the winter queen. The winter court seems to be the main problem, until the iron king makes himself known. 
On her quest to find her real brother, Meghan teams up with her best friend, as well as Grimalkin the cat and Ash, the dark winter Prince. 

I LOVED this book!! *-* okay, so imagine blending A Midsummers Night Dream, with Alice in Wonderland, and fairy folklore, and VOILA it makes the Iron King! This book was so creative, much more than some other fairy books I've read recently. 

The whole aspect of the portals was really interesting in my opinion. But more interesting than that was the story of how fae are made - from the dreams and imagination of humans. If the name was remembered, the fairy will live on :) loved that idea! They are more than just other creatures out there! The Iron King, for example, is made from the dreams of technology people had during the industrial revolution! Awesome! :D 

The fae and the court was described in a way where you can really get a feeling of how amazingly beautiful yet dark and  terrifying they can be! Not a lot of authors can do that successfully, and this was done perfectly :)

The characters were also really great! Meghan is totally loyal, and knows she's royalty but does not take advantage of it. She is smart and witty and overall really cool :)
Ash is, well, perfect. He's that dark and handsome Prince that just works so well in these books! What I liked is that, even though he is super trained in weaponry, he is still vulnerable, yet strong. (And silver eyes)
Robbie is so. Much. Fun! He's so happy and in a good mood and will do anything to protect Meghan and he sound  like an amazing friend! 

...And I want a cat like Grimalkin! :D

I won't say much about the plotline to avoid spoilers, but it was also fabulous :) it was perfectly paced with a lot of plot twists and turns and interesting ideas! 

Great first book to a series, can't WAIT to get to the next ones! :D 

I gave this a 4.5/5 on goodreads :D 

Have you read the iron king? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. YES. Welcome to the Iron Fey fandom! This series my absolute favorite, like top favorite. I really want to be Meghan, because I want an Ash, a Puck, and a Grimalkin in my life. Seriously. I want them all in my life! Just...argh, this book! It can turn me into a rambling machine like no other. I mean, just thinking about (let alone talking about) Ash and Puck has me going on and on to no end. They're both so awesome! One's broody, the other's hilarious! They make the best of teams together :) And such a creative world! I always wonder whether my daydreaming created a fey. Especially since us readers have a bigger imagination than most! Great review, and I can't wait to see your thoughts on the next books!!! :D

    (Sorry for that massively long comment, I have a slight excitement issue when it comes to this series, haha)

    1. (Haha no worries =p)
      Hehe thanks for the welcome! I wonder why I haven't read these before, they're just really great!! I totally agree, the trio is amazing, like why don't they exist for real? I really hope Ash and Robbie get along in the end! I also like to think that my imagination is helping create and sustain fairy life *-*
      And thanks!! Just have to find a way to get the next two!

  2. This book is so good!! I read this whole series a year ago and it became one of my favorites, I just love it! <3

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. Thats awesome! :D This is feeling like a new favorite for me as well! ^-^

  3. I'm so glad you liked this book! We should do a read a thon when you get to the third one!!!


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