Friday, July 3, 2015

Bookish Academy Tag!

Bookish Academy Tag! 

Hey all! 
I was just tagged by the amazing Erika to do this Bookish Academy Tag! Make sure to check out her blog! 

Before starting, I just want to let you know that you can now follow this blog on Google+, Facebook, and Goodreads (search for WingsReads) through various links on the right! :D 

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So let's get this started! :D 

1. Best actor - Best male protagonist
Percy Jackson, by Rick Riordan >.> Yes, I'm choosing him out of all the male protagonists out there. Don't get me wrong, I love Harry Potter and a bunch of other male protagonists, but Percy has that humor and charm and just awesomeness that you just can't not consider! 

2. Best actress - Best female protagonist
Hazel Grace Lancaster, from The Fault in our Stars, by John Green. (Writing to him btw! :D)  I'm choosing her because, even though she goes through so much with her cancer, she still sees life in such a way that I really find amazing. I see her as really strong and realistic! 

3. Best cinematography - best plot twist
Not too sure what to call this plot twist, but its the one from The Mortal Instruments, when all of a sudden, Jace and Clary are convinced that they are related!. Yes, that thing. Awesome plot twist that completely messed me up when I first read the series! 

4. Best costume design - best book cover
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs, gets the award for this! Honestly, I really bought the book for the cover! It's so intriguing, yet so simple!  

5. Best supporting actor & actress - best male and female sidekick
Male - the guys from Paper Towns! XD Ben and Radar are hilarious, and super loyal 'sidekicks'! 

Female - Hermione, from Harry Potter! She's so cool, and definitely deserves the title! 

6. Best original screenplay - most unique plot/world
Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkein. Even though there are so many books out there with amazingly unique worlds and/or plots, I'm choosing the Lord of the Rings series, because it was really the first series that introduced high fantasy, making it, at its time of publication, the most unique world out there :) And I mean who doesn't love the LotR, at least in movie form?!

7. Best adapted screenplay - best book-to-movie adaptation
Harry Potter, duh! I've been so disappointed with a ton of book-to-movie adaptations, but when I compare the Harry Potter books to their movies, I'm really glad that they stayed so faithful to the books! :D 

8. Best animated feature - a book that would work well as an animation
I have two ideas for this one, so I'll mention both ^-^ 
1. Magonia - PLEASE MAKE THIS AN ANIMATION!! It could work so much better than a people-movie, and the story line could really work as a feature-lenth film!  
2. Maximum Ride - They've already made a manga version of it, now time to animate it! I would totally watch it! 

9. Best director - best author you discovered for the first time
Sarah J. Maas (also planning on writing to her!) - Just finished reading Throne of Glass, and I love her writing style! Can't wait to get the next books! :D 

10. Best visual effect - best novella or short book
Stardust - I'm not sure if this is considered to be a short book or a novella, but its fairly short, so yeah =p 
I love this story so much! Such an easy read and its really a book for a wide audience. Plus Neil Gaiman's writing is amazing! 

11. Best picture - best standalone 
Siberia - I was hesitating between a lot of books for this, but I settled on Siberia, because the book goes through a lot for one novel, but it wraps everything well, and I never really had a feeling that there should be a sequel :) 

For this I will tag Kayleigh :) make sure to check out her blog as well! :D 

So that's it for this tag! 

Just wanted to share that I'm officially on summer break! ~dance~ 


  1. You're on summer break! That's so exciting! :D
    Yay, you did the tag! I loved your answers! It's funny, because I either have read or want to read every book you mentioned. Goes to show how similar our tastes are, huh? ;)

    1. Yes I'm really enjoying it so far, despite a heat wave in our area!
      Yay thanks! :D Took me a while to decide for some of them, tbh =p
      Yeah, funny how similar they are! o:

  2. Throne of Glass is amazing!!!! I've almost finished the book, it's becoming hard for me to even set aside. I totally agree with you about City of Bones, when I first thought they were related... I felt so ad for them! Glad it was all just a nasty lie!

    1. I know right?! I just finished it, what, two weeks ago? It was so good, I really want to read the next ones now! I hope you enjoy the ending of it! ;)
      Oh my gosh when I thought they were related I actually had to put the book down and walk around my room for a while, trying to figure it out XD So so glad they were not related in the end! Clace FTW!

  3. My post should be up tomorrow around noon!! :) Thanks for tagging me!!


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