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Champion, by Marie Lu

Champion, by Marie Lu 

Hello Hello everyone!! 

Before I start my review, just want to share with you guys that this book took me a while to finish, because I went to a music festival over the weekend, so had no time to read! The festival was absolutely amazing! I saw so many amazing bands, some of which I've been wanting to see live for years! (OneRepublic, for example) Others, I discovered over the weekend, and I can't wait to hear more music of theirs! (Dotan, Kensington...) So yeah! That was a lot of fun! I had an absolutely amazing time at the festival!! :D

And now for the review :) 

Champion is the last book of the Legend series by Marie Lu. This book, in my opinion, was a lot better than the first two! It really brought together a lot of loose ends, and was constantly action-packed! At times I was even thinking that the main characters would never find a time just to sit down and relax! This third installment of the trilogy really finished that whole character definition that was problematic in the first two books! June is much more... vulnerable than in the other books. I think that this is actually really good for her character - she's just 16, she can be vulnerable! In the first two books, she seemed too invincible, which I didn't like much. Day, with his health issues, isn't as active as in the first two books, but developed a type of public influence, which was really great as well! As a side character, Anden is also really interesting to read about :) 

The storyline is really good as well! Sometimes, the line between the plague problem and the Colonies problem is a bit fuzzy, and its hard to tell how one links to another, but that's just a minor problem. Otherwise, the storyline kept twisting and turning to form this coherent story with many unexpected parts to it! 

So everything so far is great... BUT WHATS WITH THE ENDING??? 

I didn't like the ending :| 

I will be spoiling the ending, so if you haven't read it yet, skip the purple part! 

It's like she took the parts of the endings of City of Heavenly Fire and The Deathly Hallows and merged it to fit her story. 
Here's what I mean by that 
1. Day LOOSES HIS MEMORY OF THE PAST TWO YEARS!!! *cough* Simon *cough* Like he doesn't remember ANYTHING from the timeframe of the series, hence he doesn't remember June. AND THAT'S HOW IT ENDS! (There's a 10-years later epilogue where Day sorta recognizes June, but still /: ) It's actually really sad that it ends like that. 
2. One thing that bothered me is that when Day got shot, and the narration changes to his point of view, there's a part when HE SEES HIS DEAD MOM! Not only that, but she actUALLY SAYS 'WE NEVER LEFT"! That is exactly like when Harry is sorta about to die at the end of Deathly Hallows! 
3. The whole battle suddenly just stops for no apparent reason. Sure Commander Jameson is killed, but I doubt she was the one leading the whole thing. All we know is that a peace treaty was signed. I think that that could have been explained better. 


Okay so thats basically it for my review!
I gave this book 4/5 stars on goodreads! 
This series completed my "A trilogy" goal! :) 

Let me know your thoughts on the series, and, more specifically, the ending of Champion! 



  1. I totally agree! The ending had me going WHAT??? Never in a million years did I see that happening...

    1. Me neither! I really was rooting for a happy ending /:
      But the last book as a whole was a pleasant surprise :)


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