I was contacted by someone asking if I had this page, so here it is! 

On this page, you will find information about sending me requests for reviews. 

Review acceptance status: CLOSED

What will I review? 
Almost any YA, and sometimes middle grade. 

Who can request?
Pretty much anyone, really! I’ll even review subscription boxes, novellas, short stories, just let me know! 

How to contact me for a review?
Of course you can comment down here, but I understand that not everyone has a google account, so can’t comment on this! 
Feel free to send me an email to if you want to request a review! 
Please add this in your email: 

  • Name/summary of the book 
  • In how much time you would like my review to be done (eg. two weeks) 
  • Where else you would like my review to go
  • Anything else you think would be relevant! 

If you want to send a physical ARC, a physical copy, or book-related items to me, shoot me with an email, tell me which country you are sending from, and I’ll send back an address. I do have an APO box, as well as a European mailbox. 

Thank you so much! 


  1. I'd love to have you review my book, but I see the status is closed. Is there an email list I can join to find out when you are accepting book reviews?

    1. Hi! I don’t have an email list just yet, but if you send me an email to the email given above with the book details I’ll be able to let you know :)


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