Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bookish Talks ~9~ Happy New Year!

Hey all! 

Happy new year, and welcome to a new bookish talk! 

I hope your holidays are going amazingly well and that your 2017 will be filled with all of the best surprises :) 

With a new year comes new goodreads challenges, new themes, a new read-along, and all-around new bookish possibilities. 

2016 was a super busy year for me - I didn't blog or explore other blogs half as much as I wanted to. My goal for this year is to interact with you guys more! I'll leave more comments, do more tags, etc. I even got myself a pretty notebook to keep my blogging organized, if you can believe it! 

Goodreads Challenge
I passed my goodreads challenge! Despite no-read November and lots of reading road blocks I managed to read all 60 books I set out to read! 
I know that's not a lot, but trust me, when you're a uni student, it's a lot. 
This year I bumped it up to 70 books. I really hope I can get it done without falling behind ^-^ 

Just a reminder that my insta acount - Justanotherbookishblog - is still in full swing! I absolutely love this hobby that I've picked up on :) 

Bookish Job
I will still be working with the Boekhandel Dominicanen Maastricht throught 2017. The Young Adult Dome project has started off super well. A small group of local bloggers/readers write up reviews that are shared with locals, and it's so much fun! 

I'm listening to music while I'm writing this, so I figured I could do a little bit about the kind of music I like! Music for me is a part of my life like books are - I wish I could (still) play an instrument, though. I also can't compose or write music for anything. It's just something I love having to listen to. It's a way for me to get in a better mood, shut out the world if I need to, and to have fun around with my friends and family :)
Now my music tastes are... well, they are very widespread. I love bands like Coldplay and the Script, but I also really like bands that are very different from them, like Fall Out Boy. Those are the two most extreme ends of my music spectrum. One of my favorites will always be OneRepublic. To the list I can add Imagine Dragons, and a bunch of random songs taken from different bands. I also listen to way too many 2000's playlists. Seriously, they had great music back then! 
Honestly, I'm happy with listening to just about anything as long as it's not metal or classical! ^^ 
Any music you'd recommend? :) 

Personal bookish goals
So things I want to do this year: I really, really want to re-read The Mortal Instruments / The Infernal devices in the order in which we are supposed to read them. I also want to (finally) read the whole Heroes of Olympus series. 
I also figured I should finish getting the books of the series I started on my shelves! ^^ 
I'm also finally catching up with the Throne of Glass hype! I'm halfway through book three right now :) 
And, of course, catch up with Netgalley... ._.

More Goodreads
I'm going to take the time to copy my reivews off here into goodreads as well. See, I tend to have this awful habit of rating the book on goodreads and marking it as read right before writing my review on JABB, then never copying it into goodreads. This might take a while. 

I'm going to try to participate in more bookish events this year! I might also be planning some events here on JABB! ;) 

I really want to do another read-along this year! It's been a yearly thing for me so far, and I love working on it every time! 

2016 wrap-up! 
2016 was a good year! 

  • Did some giveaways
  • Hosted the Graceling read-along
  • met new bloggers
  • Recieved two physical advanced copies
  • Read 60 books (get ready for a long list!)
    • A Court of Thorns and Roses
    • The perks of being a Wallflower
    • Clockwork Princess
    • Superintelligence
    • Exodus
    • Red Queen
    • Passenger
    • Hamlet
    • Rebel of the Sands
    • Into the Dim (ARC)
    • Everything Everything
    • Glass Sword
    • Crabwalk
    • The Rest of us just live Here
    • The Curse of the Sphinx (ARC)
    • The Darkest Lie (ARC)
    • We are all made of Molecules
    • Graceling
    • Demigods and Monsters (ARC)
    • Fire
    • The Graces (ARC)
    • Bitterblue
    • Supremacy (ARC)
    • Shatter Me
    • The Sun is Also a Star (ARC)
    • Fire Color One
    • Legacy of Kings
    • City of Shadows (ARC)
    • A Court of Mist and Fury
    • Everland
    • Fangirl
    • The Martian
    • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
    • We Own the Night (ARC)
    • Snow like Ashes
    • When we collided
    • Eleanor and Park
    • Illuminae
    • A Torch agianst the Night
    • The Hundered Lies of Lizzie Lovett (ARC)
    • Off the Page
    • Between the Lines
    • Zenith
    • remember Yesterday (ARC)
    • Dancing in the Rain (ARC) 
    • Gemina
    • Me Before You 
    • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them
    • Throne of Glass
    • Holding up the Universe
    • Things to make and do in the fourth dimension
    • Crown of Midnight
    • Let it Snow
    • Wings
    • Spells
    • Illusions
    • Destined
    • The Ocean at the end of the Lane 
    • If I Stay
    • The Inn Between
All of these reviews can be found on this page :) 

Top of 2016
Here's my favorite books of 2016, in no order!

  • Throne of Glass
  • Me before You
  • Gemina
  • snow like ashes
  • A court of thornes and roses
  • a court of mist and fury
  • Clockwork Princess
  • Rebel of the sands
  • The rest of us just Live Here

2016 disappointments
Here are my least favorite of 2016

  • The perks of being a Wallflower
  • Fire Color One
  • Crabwalk (had to read it for a class)

I hope you guys had a good 2016! 

Stay bookish, 


  1. Congrats on completing your Goodreads challenge! ^.^ YES, OneRepublic is amazing! My music tastes are actually quite similar to yours in the sense that they are broad. And the 2000's music is simply the best! It's my favourite music decade :D I personally listen to a lot of Backstreet Boys and Sara Bareilles. Hopefully we can do a reread again together very soon! :D

  2. Hehe thank you!
    And yes! I was so scared that their new album would be not as great but I love it!


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