Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Before Tomorrow, by Pintip Dunn

Hey all! 
I just finished the novella Before Tomorrow, by Pintip Dunn! 

Pintip was kind enough to send me a PDF copy for review! Thank you so much! I have reviews for Forget Tomorrow and Remember Yesterday if you click on those names. They both directly relate to the novella, so it might help a bit if you read those first. 

Guys, I honestly recommend these books. Not only are the covers gorgeous, but the story is a super creative dystopian novel, with awesome characters and that can really make you feel a bunch of emotions. They're everywhere from amazon to book depository. Seriously underhyped, and seriously recommended! 

This does not affect my review of this novella! 

"In a world where all seventeen-year-olds receive a memory from their future selves, Logan Russell's vision is exactly as he expects—and exactly not. He sees himself achieving his greatest wish of becoming a gold-star swimmer, but strangely enough, the vision also shows him locking eyes with a girl from his past, Callie Stone, and experiencing an overwhelming sense of love and belonging.

Logan’s not sure what the memory means, but soon enough, he learns that his old friend Callie is in trouble. She’s received an atypical memory, one where she commits a crime in the future. According to the law, she must be imprisoned, even though she's done nothing wrong. Now, Logan must decide if he'll give up his future as a gold-star swimmer and rescue the literal girl of his dreams. All he'll have to do is defy Fate."

This was a nice addition to the Forget Tomorrow series! This book is set in parallel to Forget Tomorrow, but was set in Logan's point of view. If you read my first reviews, you probably realized, Logan is one of my favorite characters in the series. He feels genuine and honest!  honest. I think that he is one of the characters that really deserved a side story :) 

This novella was sweet! It follows Logan after he gets his future memory, and him dealing with emotions, especially what he feels about seeing Callie in his future memory. (I still ship them so much, ahahah!). He gets a lot of congratulations from friends and family. Basically this is the first half of Forget Tomorrow from Logan's point of view. 

The only semi-problem I have with this novella is actually not that much of a problem at all! I just wish it was longer and a bit more detailed! I want to read more of it, and see more of what Logan thinks and feels and what he does when he isn't mentioned in BOT Forget Tomorrow and Remember Yesterday! I mean yeah that would be a lot of work, but it would be so nice to read! 

Overall I'm giving this novella a 3.5/5! I really liked reading it, just wished it was longer! 

Have you read the Forget Tomorrow series? What did you think about it? Let me know! :D 

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