Sunday, July 24, 2016

Just Another Traveling Blog - What I brought with me!

Hey all! 

I made it safe to Australia! :D I’m in Perth, and starting August 1st I’ll be studying a range of sciences for a semester before heading back to the Netherlands! 

Things are going well here! (Well, I’m writing this because I got lost on the way to one of my activities, so decided to go back to my dorm after walking around for an hour, haha). It’s winter so it’s really cold at nights, but surprisingly warm during the days. We’re right next to the coast, there’s a range of both pretty and strange-sounding birds, crazy vegetation, unfamiliar night skies and cool people. There’s dolphins in the bay, and a ton of shells on the shore. I still have to get used to it, but I like it here! :D 

Remember how I was worrying about not knowing what books to take? I (somehow) managed to figure it out! It took a ton of organizing and list-making, but I managed to miraculously go from three shelves to 7 items. 

Now I know the first instinct is always to say ‘but why did you bring books, you’re there to study and do other stuff’. Yeah, but I have time before sleeping, when traveling, and other times to read. I’m not not going to. 

Now for what I brought! 

Aside from the ARCs in my Kindle (Thanks, Netgalley!), I brought 6 books with me, (that all somehow fit in the same color-scheme when you look at the spines for some reason!). 

1. Eleanor & Park, by Rainbow Rowell
I really wanted to bring this for a few reasons- one, I wanted a contemporary with me, and I’ve heard so much about it! I recently read Fangirl and thought it was adorable. I’ve heard Eleanor & Park was even better, so I wanted to read it soon. 

2. Snow like Ashes, by Charlotte Raasch
I’ve seen this all over the blogiverse, and it was one of my most anticipated books last year. The bookstore I work with let me get it at a discount, and I’m in the mood for fantasy! 

3. The Giver, by Lois Lowry
Just because it’s one of my favorites, and every time I read it it’s a new experience. Try it out! I know everyone read it in like 6th grade, but it’s even better now! 

(Random musical interlude: Remember the song that went “Maia hee, maia hoo, maia haa, maia ha-ha”? It’s actually called Dragostea Din Tei, and I looked up the translation for the lyrics, and I had no idea it was like that! Seriously funny, but still so catchy even now!)

4. Since You’ve been Gone, by Morgan Matson 
Just because I started reading it, then stopped. I want to read it eventually, so I brought it. I love the idea of it and liked the first few chapters. I’m not sure why I stopped, I just did. 

5. The Martian, by Andy Wier
I started reading it the day before leaving, and I’m about halfway through right  now. It was hard to read in the plane, for some reason, so I didn’t get to finish it in the plane. It’s super cool though! I love the science in it! 

6. La fille qui ne croyait pas aux miracles, by Wendy Wunder
I have no idea what this is originally called, but this is not a french book. My copy is French, however, and I wanted to bring it both to red the story, which sounds sweet, and to keep up with my French away from home. 

On top of that, I’m also a rep for Booknerd Boxes Subscription box! Yay! The August box is already sold out, but make sure to follow the shop to order your September box! My review for the box will be up as soon as I get it (It should be sometime this week, and I’m super excited about it!) The July theme is Dystopia, August was Fantasy! Make sure to follow @booknerdboxess on insta! 

I hope you have a great day! See you soon for a review of The Martian, and an overview of a new subscription box! 

P.S. I’m starting a second blog about my time here in Australia, so that I don’t post too much here. It’s called Caro goes to Aussie, and has nothing on it right now, but I’m working on it :) 


  1. Three shelves to SEVEN books? O.O I have absolutely no idea how you did that. I did a semester abroad last year in England, and I was absolutely devastated trying to choose which books to bring! I spent weeks agonizing over it.
    I hope you'll enjoy Snow Like Ashes! It's a great fantasy book with an original world concept!
    Hopefully you're enjoying Australia so far! I've never been, so I'll definitely be checking out your traveling blog! :D

    1. I don’t really know either, haha, I just somehow did! I just knew that the first two sub boxes I’m getting are Dystopia and Fantasy - themed, so I didn’t bring any extra of those to balance it out.
      That’s so cool that you went to England! :D I hope you enjoyed it!
      I can’t wait to read it, I’ve heard so much about it!
      Thank you! :D

  2. These are all good choices! Especially Eleanor and Park! Oh, it's called the Probability of Miracles in English - but you've read the French version? That's really cool! :)

    1. I can’t wait to read Eleanor and Park! *-* I haven’t read it yet, but I want to, and I found it in france so I got it there, haha ^^


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