Friday, May 13, 2016

Graceling Read-Along! Leck’s Backstory

Hey all! 

As a part of our read-along, Erika and I are taking the day to explain an idea or a backstory that is important in the Graceling world. 

Today, I’m giving you King Leck’s backstory. I’m not gonna hide it, there will be spoilers in this! 

Leck was born with two brown eyes. In fact, he isn’t born as Leck, but Immiker. He got his name from his father’s name, Larch (pronounced Leck). 

Leck grew up being abnormally smart for his age. Everyone was surprised by his learning capabilities, especially by the fact that he could speak so well. His eyes turned when he was three, indicating that he was Graced. No one really could pinpoint his Grace. However, during their travels, Immiker’s Grace would help Larch move on. Larch thought his grace was mind control. This made Immiker laugh, and he killed his father, changing his name to Leck in his honnor. 

In Fire, he is still young. He is seen playing with a little mouse. He talks to Fire, and she soon realizes that he was behind everyone being foggy-minded throughout the book. 

This is all I have for this topic! There isn’t much, but the rest is explained in Graceling, so doesn’t really count as back-story! 

Have a great day! 

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  1. Leck killing his father is absolutely horrible! I always imagined him having one of those I-used-to-be-a-good-guy-but-then-something-traumatic-happened-and-now-I'm-a-bad-guy, but he is completely evil from birth! Scary!


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