Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bookish Talks #2 - Traveling, Shelves, and book posters

Book Talk #2! 

Hey all! 
I’m at a bit of a low-point as far as homework motivation goes right now, so I decided to do another book talk! :D I got really nice responses from my last one, so hopefully you’ll enjoy this too! 

~February Haul~
I got so many books in February, and I can’t wait to read them all! The haul includes Rebel of the Sands, Seeker, Glass Sword, plus a nice batch of five books from BookOutlet! I’m almost done reading Into the Dim, an ARC coming out in March that I’ll review either later today or tomorrow :) 

~Traveling to Australia in July!~
So some of you may know I’ll be in Australia for around 5 months this year! The preparations are going well, but then my friend asked me how I would choose which books to bring... UMM thats kinda something I need to figure out! I know I want to bring some, for sure! I might just request a bunch of ARCs from Netgalley but I’ll have a hard time choosing my physical books. Also, I heard books there are expensive. Well then! Any advice? ^-^

~My Literature Course~
So right now I’m taking a course called the Future of Literature, which is very far from what I’m used to studying. I’ve been reading a bunch books I probably never would have read (Hamlet, something called Crabwalk, etc...). I’m not sure if I’m loving the course, but I can say for sure that Hamlet’s got problems! XD

I love the way my bookshelf looks now! I mean sure there’s a few annoying things, like random book editions in the middle of a series, (ugh why?!), but I otherwise love it! My top shelves are rainbow-ordered, as well as my elementary-school books. My other ones look nice as well! :)  I’m kinda worried about how I might fit my February book haul in there somewhere, simply because the aesthetics of my shelf will change! Oh well! 

~Book Posters~
Does anyone know where one can get book posters? I printed out a few bookish pictures (quotes, minimalist designs, etc...) and have my Paper Towns and Mortal Instruments posters, but would love to get more! I just have no idea where! ^-^

Thats it for today! I hope you have a lovely weekend! :D


  1. I've heard such great things about Rebel of Sands! I'm also trying to get my hands on a copy of Glass Sword at the moment too, haha.
    You're going to Australia! That's so exciting! I've never been, but I really want to. Ohhh, that's a very good question...what books to bring? How on earth are you going to choose? I went away for 2 months to study, and only brought my ereader and no physical books. That was extremely painful... Maybe bring a book set in Australia, if you've read one (I haven't haha). Else...bring your favourites! The ones you can reread over and over again and never get sick of!
    I have no idea where to get book posters, but I absolutely would love some! There are so great book covers and book quotes out there, and I totally want them on my walls :)

    1. I got it two weeks ago and the cover is beautiful! (Well, that goes for both books, actually!)
      Yeah I’m going for my semester abroad! :D Thanks for the advice, I’ll take it into account :)
      Yess you get me! I see some posters or prints in subscription boxes and such, and they all look so beautiful!

    What part of Australia?? :D
    And yes, books here are CRAZY expensive- bring your own or else request ARCs!!

    1. I’ll be in Western Australia :)
      I had no idea they were so expensive! o.o


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