Friday, November 27, 2015



Hey all!
So Fall/Autumn has been sorta intense, as far as university goes. I’ve been pretty busy, hence my lack of reviews. BUT christmas break is coming up in 2 weeks, so I’m planning on catching up ^-^. 
Even though I didn’t read much, I was able to get quite a few books! Today, I want to share my fall haul with you guys! 

Here’s the haul!  :)

1. The Rest of us Just Live Here, Patrick Ness
2. Shadow and Bone, Leigh Bardugo
3. Everything, Everything, Nicola Yoon
4. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, the Sword of Summer, Rick Riordan (Signed!)
5. Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess, Cassandra Clare
6. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, illustrated version, J.K. Rowling
7. Ptolemy’s Gate, Jonathan Stroud
8. FrostFire, Zoe Marriott
9. Illuminae, Amy Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
10. Destined, Aprilynne Pike (Signed!)
11. Soundless, Richelle Mead (Just noticed it’s not in the picture!)

12+ Some e-books =p 

Did you get any books in the fall time (of course you did XD), did you go black Friday shopping? Let me know!

and yeah I didn’t go Black Friday shopping... we don’t have it here! 

Have a great day!! 


  1. YOU GOT A SIGNED COPY OF MAGNUS CHASE!!! *jaw drops as I stare at you in astonishment* You're so lucky! AND THE HARRY POTTER BOOK!!! I'm officially jealous of you!
    I've heard some great things about The Rest of Us Just Live Here and Everything Everything, plus I've read The Infernal Devices and Shadow and Bone, so I am certain you're in good hands (or pages, I should say) :)
    Absolutely fantastic book haul! I'm hoping I'll get a few books myself soon ^.^

    1. YESSS AND I TREASURE IT! *-* I ordered it from a sale he was doing through a university!
      The Harry Potter book is absolutely gorgeous! Pictures can’t really show it well!
      Only problem - I have no idea what to read next... o_o
      Im reading Soundless, but I think I might go with the Clockworks afterwards! ^-^ Even though they weren’t on my TBR for this year...
      Thanks so much! :D

  2. Awesome haul. Illuminae is on the list of books that I need to get, too.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. HI! Thanks so much! Illuminae was fantastic, deffinitely a must-have! :D

  3. A signed copy of Magnus Chase!! Lucky! :D This book haul is amazing! Shadow and Bone? I love that book. The Infernal Devices is also great! Have fun reading! :)

    1. ^-^ thanks so much!! It’s funny I never really thought about ever reading the Grisha trilogy until I saw the book for like 3 dollars on BookOutlet and thought ‘why not?” =p I loved the first infernal devices! I think I might just read those books next, instead of going on with my tbr... ^-^

  4. You have such nice picks! I wish I could grab myself a copy of Illuminae, Magnus Chase and Shadow and Bone already!!! Happy reading, Caroline! xx

    Fiona | A Girl Between the Pages

    1. Thanks! :D Illuminae was an incredible read, highly recommend it! Haven’t gotten to the other ones, though! Thanks and you too! :)


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