Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bookish Talks ~5~ New Job and SubBox Rep!

Bookish Talks

Hey all! 

Welcome to a new Bookish Talk! Lots to talk about today! :D 

The Sun is Also a Star, by Nicola Yoon
I just received a physical ARC of The Sun is Also a Star! :D I’m so excited and honored! I already started it, I’m about 100 pages in as I’m writing this, and it’s so adorable! More about that in an upcoming post about the book - it’s just so sweet! I love both of the main characters!! 

So in less than two weeks, I’m on my way to the other side of the world - to Perth, Australia… This is quite scary for me, I’ve never been that far away from home for that long. I already said bye to (most of) my friends, and am practically all set to go. However, I am actually quite excited about it all! It looks like an awesome place to spend 5-ish months, I’ll be taking great courses, and it’ll definitely be the adventure of a lifetime (good song, too ^_^ ). 

To make that bookish - I have no idea what books to bring, hahah 

I was wondering if you guys were interested in travel-related blog entries as well! I think they could be fun to write :) 

BookNerd Subscription Box
The instagramer @caggielikesbooks is starting a new subscription box this month, and she chose me to be a rep for the next few months! :D *fireworks*. I’ll be getting a box for free every month, and will post an unboxing post every month as well. With two books per box, that should get rid of most of my ‘what should i bring to Aussie’ problem! :D The company is tiny - it’s just starting out! Make sure to order your July box! The theme is Dystopia! 

So I reached 1.6k followers (wait whut? aw yeah!) and I’m sad to say that my usual one-post-a-day will not happen anymore starting this week. Because of traveling (and lack of variety in books), I might post every 1-3 days instead. I don’t really know yet, I just know that it’ll be quite sporadic… 

News! This is so cool! 
Guys! So currently I live and study in the Netherlands, in a town where the beautiful Boekhandel Dominicanen bookstore is. They have been trying to find new ways to promote YA books, because sales have been going down. (How is that even possible?) I saw the promotion efforts and went to them, telling them about Just Another Bookish Blog, and saying that I’d be happy to help out if they needed it. 

The whole idea kinda evolved strangely. Two Dutch bloggers and I are going to work with the Dominicanen - If/when we review a book that they have on their shelves, they’ll add the blogpost on their own blog, always linking back to our blogs. We might also do some youtube video reviews and we’ll help with their YA-shelf selection! 

But things get even crazier! 

Basically, they asked me to create a label in the form of a bookmark. Why? Because we’re each going to have our own shelves in the bookstore, filled with our recommendations!! I’m so excited about that!!!! :D 

The Dominicanen bookstore is in Maastricht, the Netherlands. If you’re even in the Netherlands, or somewhere in the are of Maastricht (in Germany or Belgium), make sure to visit! It’s in the top (20 I think) most beautiful bookstores in the world! I mean honestly, it’s super unique! And their English section is quite nice, to be honest. 
This is so cool!! 

Thats it for this week! :D 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Cool! I thought you finished The Sun Is Also A Star.?

    1. Yep! I wrote the post before finishing it, when I was in the car, traveling ^^ At that point I hadn’t finished it yet

  2. Whoa whoa whoa, WHAT? You get to have your own shelf in a bookstore? That is absolutely amazing! I know you're heading off to Australia to study soon, but do you think you could take some pictures of your blogging shelf there, if it's up before you leave? :D

    1. YEP!!! :D I’m super excited about it! It won’t be up before august, sadly, but I was told I would be sent a picture, which I’ll post for sure!


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