Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mythology Wednesday - Hestia

Mythology Wednesday - Hestia 

Hey all! 

Welcome to our last Mythology Wednesday! Every Wednesday, both Erika from Books, Stars, Writing, and Everything in Between and I will be summarizing a myth or legend that is relevant to the current book in our read-along! 

Erika’s topic this week is Pandora’s Box/Jar/Pithos. Make sure to check it out! :) 

Hestia, the 13th Olympian
In my opinion one of the nicest of the Gods, Hestia is the goddess of family and hearth (home and fireside). At first, she was known to be one of the 12 current Olympians. However, she decided to give her place up to Dionysus so that she could take care of Olympus’s sacred fire. 

She is the eldest of Kronos’s godly children. She was always considered to be the gentlest and the mildest. Poseidon and Apollo even wanted to marry her, but she turned down, being one of the maiden goddesses and all... 

In the olden days, the greeks honored her by offering a part of their meal to her through their home’s fires. In each town, as well as in each major household, there was a fire that could not go out in her honor. 

And that’s it! There’s not much, I know, but I wanted to talk about her, and there’s not much information! ^-^

I hope you enjoyed this little greek mythology post! :D 
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  1. Hestia is really just a nice person in general. Giving up her throne must not have been easy, but in doing so, she both strengthened Olympus and let her focus on tending tot he sacred fire. I'd definitely want her on my side!
    I'm really going to miss our mythology Wednesdays :(

    1. Ikr, she’s just so sweet! It must have been so difficult, but it makes sense with what she represents. I think that that makes her one of the strongest-willed olympians, actually!
      Me too ):

  2. In real life, Hestia is lesser known, 'cos there's really very little scandals involving her. Unlike Apollo, Poseidon and ... you know, Zeus.

    1. Hahah yeah, plus she didn’t have any big temples dedicated to her or anything =p


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