Friday, March 24, 2017

Bookish Talks ~11~ The Perks of being a Booklover

Hey all! 

I know I just wrote one of these, but I have a lot of things to talk to you guys about! 

Nox To Lumos Candle Co
If you read my last bookish talk, you'll have read that I was chosen to be a rep for the Nox to Lumos Candle Co! I received my rep package today and I'm so, so excited to share it with you!

Look at how pretty they are! :D 
Ok so let's go through one by one. 

The first one is based on the Bone Witch - I haven't had the chance to read it yet, but I'm planning on picking it up eventually. The label says 'Black Currant, Tea, and Driftwood', and the candle is black, white, purple and glittery! This might be one of my favorites of the pack - it's both subtle and soft but has that current background that is so, so nice! 

The second one - Caraval - is an awesome black, red and white. I haven't read this either, which I am ashamed of, but I'm hoping to get to it soon! It says that it smells like roses and magic. This candle does smell stronger, but whereas the smell of roses usually puts me off, the other scent, 'magic', seems to balance it well, even though I can't put a name to what it smells like! It's almost maybe hazelnut? Anyway, I like it! 

Then we get to everyone's favorite warrior prince - Rowan! I love Rowan from the Throne of Glass series so much, and having his candle is so awesome! It says it smells like pine, snow, and a hint of vanilla. The vanilla is a tiny bit overpowering on the snow and pine but I think it will be blended perfectly once I start burning it! Might just be because there's a whole white layer on top of a green layer ^-^ 

Next is the Night Court. Two candles based on queen Sarah J Maas! Yas! This candle is perfect for me - it looks like the universe - it has a black background, with white, pink and purple and glitter. It's supposed to smell like Honeysuckle Jasmine, Orange, and Sea Breeze and I love it! The smell is so incredibly fresh and for some reason reminds me of when I lived in Italy! 

Last but not least is Queen of Hearts, that is a pretty red and white and smells like Pumpkin Spice Cake! This candle smells like thanksgiving dessert - I would totally eat it if I could! Not sure how much I'll be able to burn this one, though - someone in my family can't stand pumpkin, but if that's your thing, I would highly recommend it! It's making me crave pumpkin pie like you have no idea xD

Thank you so much to Nox to Lumos Candle Co for sending me these! I can't wait to start burning them! Make sure to go check out the Etsy store by clicking here!

The Harry Potter exposition, NL! 
Last Bookish Talk, I told you guys that I was going to the Harry Potter exposition there is now in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. I went on Wednesday and it was so much fun! :D 

The exhibition had so many parts and was covered in the most amazing detail! You had the common room, the Great Hall, the forbidden forest, even the 'dark' area with all of the Horcruxes and that 'death' statue in the cemetery in the 4th movie! I loved every minute of it! And look at the displays! o.o

What House are you? I'm a True Blue Ravenclaw! 

Needless to say, these are only a fraction of the pictures I took, and I loved every minute of the exhibit! They put such amazing details everywhere, and it brought out all of the most amazing feels! There was a little Dobby that got me really emotional, more than I thought it would! 

When I mentioned my upcoming trips, I mentioned the one to Nijmegen, and my friend Erika @ Books, stars and the Pages in between asked me to say how all of my trips went, so here's a little about that trip as well! 

I've been looking into doing my master's degree there for a while but had never been. Since I found the degree, one of my friends, who is from there, has been offering to show me around for a day. We found a day we could go and realized it was the university's open day! I went to the open day and found the BEST master's program - I could study chemistry and astronomy as one degree! I met up with my friend afterward, and he showed me around all the little corners of his town, it was so nice! ^^

To make it bookish, we did see an antique book sale, but it was all in Dutch =P Such a nice town, though! 

I have a new ARC! 
The amazing Kensington Books Publishing sent me an ARC of Pintip Dunn's upcoming book - Girl on the Verge! Make sure to add it to your Goodreads' list! I can't wait to get to it and I can't believe that they sent me a copy without me asking! :D Made my day! 

Anyway, that's it for today! I have a huge paper for Sunday and two exams on Tuesday - it's a lot of stress but hopefully, it'll be fine ^^ 

Have a great weekend! 

Stay bookish, 


  1. THOSE CANDLES LOOK MAGICAL!!! I am in love with them, especially since they represent books I love. I want them so badly!!!
    Ahhh, that Harry Potter exhibition looks like so much fun to go to! It sounds amazing. And hooray for true Ravenclaw!
    Oooh, Nigmegen sounds fantastic! I'm glad you found a masters program that's so intriguing :) And thank you for remembering my request to go into detail about your trips--it definitely was worth it! :D
    YOU HAVE AN ACR FROM PINTIP DUNN??? Lucky!!! I'm expecting an amazing review soon ;)

    1. The candles are absolutely amazing! Rowan is my favorite - when I burn it and walk into my room, it feels like I'm walking into a pillow, or a hug - it's just so comfortable!

      I just made a 'My Bookish Corner' one that should be on her Easy page soon enough! Rain, Parchment, Vanilla and Tea is what I chose to represent reading ^^

      The exhibition and Nijmegen were both a lot of fun! I have a few more bookish and non-bookish trips coming up that I'll post about soon! :D

      And yep! I was lucky enough to work with Pintip by reviewing her books from the beginning! :D She's super nice and I love her writing style!


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