Monday, March 13, 2017

Bookish Talks ~10~ Just a lot of rambling

Hey all! 

I figured it's been a while since I posted, and I have a ton to tell you guys! So, even though it's late at night and I just finished binge-studying about rocket science (literally), I decided to make another bookish talk! 

1. I became a rep! 
Every blogger's and instagrammer's dream is to become a company rep for bookish items! It looks so nice to be able to connect with shop owners and maybe inspire them to make new products. I mean, I won't say no to bookish goodies either! ^-^ 

I was recently chosen to rep for not one, but TWO small shops! Make sure to check them out on Etsy! (Links will be on their names!)

Nox to Lumos Candle Co - This is a candle shop that's still making a name for itself, and is still adding products to the shelves! They have a big variety of bookish candles that sound amazing! There will soon be the other Hogwarts houses PLUS they're making a candle that I invented - the Reading Nook! It will smell like parchment, vanilla, rainwater and tea, and I absolutely cannot wait to receive it! And, true to my blog, it will be white and purple! I would DIE if one of you guys ordered it and told me what you thought of it! <3 

The Paper Charm Shop - This little shop sells 100% hand-drawn bookmarks and other goodies, and it's adorable!! The shop owner, Lily, is the sweetest and is super enthusiastic about her start-up! I'm completely psyched about getting her box sometime soon as well! <3

2. I caved...
I've been trying to save up for a few upcoming trips (which I'll explain later below!), and yet I (somehow, it must have been magic) caved in and placed a Bookoutlet order. 5 books... I'll make sure to haul them for you guys! 

3. So many (bookish) trips! 
My next two months will be full of bookish trips! I'll have a blog post about each, of course! 

Last Saturday, my trip wasn't exactly book-related, but I visited a university a few hours from where I live and found a master's degree in molecular chemistry that looks awesome! I also have a friend who's from the area, and, as I'd never been to that city, he showed me around. Instead of books, I bought music. 

In a few weeks, I'll be going to the Harry Potter movie exhibition in Utrecht! This exhibition goes around the world and I'm so excited that it's so close to where I live! It'll have everything they used in the movies, as well as interactive expositions (and a gift shop where I can finally stock up on more Harry Potter goodness! I just recently got a Ravenclaw laptop sticker and I just love it ^^ Oh maybe I'll find a new Funko too!)

Then, I'll be going to YALFest.NL with the rest of the group of YA bloggers that work at the Young Adult Dome! This will be my first book panel, and I'm super excited about it, even though it'll mostly be in Dutch... I mean most of the authors speak English so if I can meet even just one that would be amazing! 

After that, I'll be going to London for the first time with my younger cousin who just turned 18! We planned this whole Harry Potter tour - we'll be going to the studios, but also to a few places where they filmed. I'm also hoping to see some other bookish London locations - notably from The Infernal Devices ^-^ 

And all that by the end of April! Plus exams and everything... This should be fun! 

4. Current read
I'm currently trying to plow through Empire of Storms, by Sarah J Maas. I'm really enjoying it, but the book is huge! And the bible-thick pages are not helping much. Hopefully, after that, I'll get to re-reading the Shadowhunters set! 

That's it from my part today! I hope you guys are having a good week so far :) 

Stay bookish, 


  1. Oh my gosh, so many exciting things!! It sounds like you have a fun couple of weeks coming up! I'll definitely be checking out those two Etsy shops, too :)

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Yes! :D I can't wait for everything! Glad that you'll be looking into the shops!

  2. Oh whoa, you're a rep for not one, but two shops! That's so amazing! I'm happy and excited for you :D You have so many exciting trips coming up! Please please please do a post afterwards telling us about your time there and everything you've seen!

    1. Right?! It's scary, hahah ^-^ Looking forward to starting though!
      I'll make sure to post about the bookish places, then maybe a smaller post about all of the other trips? That could work!


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