Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Off the Page, by Jodi Picoult and Samatha van Leer

Hey all! 

I just finished (binge-) reading Off the Page, by Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer! 

This book is a companion to Between the Lines, by the same authors. To see my review for that, click here!

And on Sunday, it was my birthday! I turned 20, it’s crazy to think my age starts with a 2! o.o 

"Sixteen-year-old Delilah is finally united with Oliver—a prince literally taken from the pages of a fairy tale. There are, however, complications now that Oliver has been able to enter the real world. To exist in Delilah’s world, Oliver must take the place of a regular boy. Enter Edgar, who agrees to take Oliver’s role in Delilah’s favorite book. In this multilayered universe, the line between what is on the page and what is possible is blurred, but all must be resolved for the characters to live happily ever after.

This book was just as light-hearted and happy as Between the Lines! This book happens a few months after Oliver escapes his book, and winds up in the real world... but, if you've watched Enchanted, you'll know that royal characters who end up in our modern world usually don't have a single clue about what's going on.

And that's exactly what happens. 

This book follows Oliver as he tries to make sense of our world. He's both totally clueless and really popular at school, gets the sweetest things confused and makes the funniest comments. Edgar, the one he switched places with, is now in the fairytale, and starting to realise that he's missing home. Delilah is trying to deal with the fact that Oliver is the new popular guy at school. 

The book gets really crazy, plot-wise. There's constant mix-ups, with characters in the two worlds switching places both on purpose and by accident. Seraphima gets to experience what it's like to go to the mall, Delilah's best friend meets Edgar in the fairytale, even both the story dog and Delilah's pet trade place! The book is about trying to get everyone back in their place. 

This story is super light-hearted, quick to read, nicely paced and is hilarious at times - a perfect read in case you need a little pick-me-up! 

I really loved how clueless all of the storybook characters were, and how hard Delilah tried to introduce them to what living in the 21st century is like. This book really helps you understand the characters more, especially Edgar and Seraphima. It looks into the relations between the characters more, especially the family relationships. 

About that, there's one thing that I wish would have been done in this book - during both books, Delilah's mom is worried about her because she seems to be addicted to the story Oliver is from. Delilah keeps brushing it off, even at the end of Off the Page. I really wish that she would have sat down with her mom and everyone who knows about the living characters, and tell her what was happening. I think it would have strengthened their relationship so much... plus now Delilah still has to lie, and tell her mom that Oliver is Edgar. I feel like this is really a loose end in this book. 

I generally liked Between the Lines better than Off the Page. I feel like Off the Page was like one of those spin-off series where they use the same characters and just repeat what was popular in the main series to get views (TV series I mean). However, I did really enjoy it! 

I'm giving this 4/5 feathers! 

Have you read Off the Page? What did you think about it? Let me know! :D

Have a great day!! 

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