Thursday, June 9, 2016

Graceling Read-Along! Character Profile - Bitterblue

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Yes the Graceling read-along is still happening! Apologies for the absolutely massive delay, we’ve kinda had a busy few days. 

Remember when we talked about the graceling read-along contest? Well, results are in! Thanks so much to everyone who participated! We got all of our entries through instagram. The prize? A massive shoutout on every platform we can think of! :D 
To vote, it’s easy. Click HERE to see the entries, and click HERE (Erika’s Blog) to vote! 

Today, for our last character profile, I’m looking at Bitterblue, the queen herself! Make sure to check out Erika’s profile on Teddy! 

Name: Bitterblue
Age: 18
Kingdom: Monsea
Relation to the throne: She is the throne >.> 
Background: Princess Bitterblue grew up for 10 years under the rule of Leck, her father. After Katsa killed him, she had to work hard to fix both the state of Monsea, as well as the reputation of the castle. 
Personality: Bitterblue has a hint of rebellion in her, and a love for exploration. She’s surprisingly good at math, and sneaks out often to meet her friends and to help them however she can. 
Close friends: Saf, who has the grace of giving dreams, Teddy, Katsa, Po, Skye, and several members of her court 

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