Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bookish Talks ~4~ All dem ARCs and YALFEST!

Hey all! 

Welcome to a new bookish talk! 

So I was flipping through blogs a few weeks ago and I ran across a dutch blogger who went to YALFEST, a Dutch version of YALLWEST where there’s authors and free books and signings. It had happened the day before, and I realized that I missed out on meeting Tahreh Mafi, Ransom Riggs, and a bunch of other authors! 


I got tickets for next year, in May! Veronica Rossi, the author of Under the Never Sky, as well as two authors whos’ books I’ve been waiting for will be there! Sadly, all of the books they will give out will be in Dutch, but I’m kinda hoping they’ll have English copies with them...? And if not, I’m sure I’ll find someone in the world who would be willing to switch them :)  But still my first book festival! Next goal? BEA-BookCon! :D 

~Super Slow~
Guys! I know I haven’t been posting much lately, and I’m sorry about that, I’ve had a ton of miscellaneous things to do for uni, work, my semester abroad, driving, etc... But that’ll all be done by Friday, can’t wait! :D 

~Semester Abroad~
So I was finally approved for going to Perth, Australia for 5 months! :D I’m so super excited about it (even though I’m kinda drowning under paperwork at the moment ^^), yet it’s also kinda scary because I’ve never been that far away from home for so long... But I’m sure it’ll be fine :) I might join an archery club there. Does anyone know if there’s any bookish happenings in the area that could be interesting to see? I’m curious!

~So many ARCs, so little time!~
Ok so maybe I splurged on NetGalley the other day, and got approved for more than I expected... tee hee!! ^^” 
So get ready for an explosion of ARC reviews in the next few weeks! 
These include 
- Christina Knight - Protagonist Bound, by Geanna Culbertson
- Supremacy by Christin Lee
- Ink and Bone, by Rachel Caine
- We Own the Night, by Ashley Poston
- Ascension, by Morgen Rich and Brian Rathbone
- Risuko: A Kunoichi Tale, by David Kudler

I also have quite a few I got from indie authors in the past few months
- Shearwater, by D.S. Murphy
- The Scarlet Thread, by D.S. Murphy
- Elpis, by Aaron McGowan
- Bloodmark, by Aurora Whittet

And ones I got from Netgalley ages ago I never got to (oops!) 
- Finding Hope, by Colleen Nelson
- Not if I See You First, by Eric Lindstrom (I know shame on meh!) 
- Worlds of Ink and Shadow, by Lena Coakley (Again, I know...)
- Blood, Ink, Fire by Ashely Mansour
- The Banished Sons of Poseidon, by Andrew J. Peters
- Poison, by Lan Chan

16 books!!! o.o Ouch...  Give these authors some love if you can! ^^ 

I ordered my very first owlcrate last month (the May box). The theme is Steampunk, and I have to admit that I checked other blogs to see what was in it, and it looks FAN-TAS-TIC!!! :D 

WOOO My insta passed 1000 followers! Its so crazy to think about!! o.o 

That’s it for today! Now I feel like I can finish that essay I’m working on :)

Have an amazing day! 


  1. Aw, that's too bad to hear you missed Yalfest! But I'm glad you have tickets to see authors next year! That's so exciting :) I live too far away from book festivals.
    Ahh, I know what you mean about getting arcs but not having the time to read them! I have 4 arcs right now, but at the rate I'm going, they're not going to be arc reviews by the time I get to them...

    1. Hahah yeah like everyone’s raving about Not if I see you first and I haven’t even opened it yet, it came out in december! ^^ oh well!

  2. I know the feeling about having so many books from NetGalley to catch up on... It can be overwhelming lol.

    I ordered my first OwlCrate for May too! It's so awesome! I love it so much. The little ring more than anything. But I won't say anything more to spoil it :)

    Good luck in Aussie!

    Carrie @The Book Goddess

    1. I’m so excited for it! I have to go pick it up at our PO Box, but I know it’s waiting there! Don’t worry about spoiling it, I looked up what was inside and it looks amazing! I LOVE the key necklace o.o


  3. Congrats on the insta milestone! I just hit 300 recently and even tho it's a tiny number I am hecka proud.
    There was a Book Con in Chicago which is a five hour drive from me and I kept talking myself out of going! Why can't the cool stuff be closer, right?
    The May Owlcrate was my first too! I'm terrified I may start getting it monthly, haha.
    Good luck on the ARCs and keep up the good blogging!


    1. Congrats on that! :D
      o.o Wow I would totally go to BookCon if I lived just 5 hours from Chicago! I live on the other side of the world, and I constantly see others going and I’m here like ‘whyyyyy I wanna gooooo’ but yeah it’s kinda hard to get there for me! ^^

      Aw thanks so much! :)


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