Thursday, April 21, 2016

Graceling Read-Along: Fan-Art Competition

Good morning everyone! 
So you may have heard that Erika and I are hosting a Graceling read-along. 
You probably also heard that within this read-along, we are hosting a fan art competition! 

The rules and guidelines are simple enough. 

  • Nothing inappropriate, please. Keep it PG-13. Please and thank you. I mean its common sense but a friend of mine had a fanart competition and got some dodgy entries /: 
  • Send it to one or both of these sources
    • Post it on instagram and tag me @justanotherbookishblog and use #GracelingreadalongART
    • Send it to our email address
  • All entries need to be submitted by May 23rd
  • Stick with the series, art about any of the three books is fine :) 
  • If you want to add a short story/description to it that would be so much fun for us to read! :D

We also have some possibilities if you want to enter in a different way:
  • If you’re like me and can’t draw, you can always do a photo composition with the books!
  • We will also accept short fan stories! Again nothing inappropriate, and these will be taken into account separately from the art! 
  • To enter in any of these you can send them via instagram or email, as described above
  • Again, all entries must be submitted by May 23rd

For an example, here is the photo composition I made to advertise the read-along! It isn’t perfect and I’ll be doing a lot more of these, but it’s what I have for now ^^ 

I can’t wait to see what you guys are going to put together for us! Everything will be published on both mine and Erika’s Blog! We are still figuring out a prize, though ;) 

I hope you guys have a fabulous day! 


  1. Nice idea! I have not read the series or I would make some fan art. Good Luck!!

    1. You can read them along with us! :D Or just the first book, it’s your choice :)


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