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Graceling Read-Along! Character Profiles - Po

Welcome to the last post for the first part of our Graceling read along! Today, I’ll be giving you Po’s character profile. Make sure to check out Erika’s blog to see her entries!! 

A few things first: 

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Also, this post will contain spoilers for Graceling! 

Tomorrow we will start reading Fire, the second book of the trilogy! ^.^

Let’s get started with the profile!

Name: Prince Greening Grandemalion (also known as Po) 
Age: 19/20 
Home/Kingdom: Lienid
Relation to the throne: 7th son of the King of Lienid 
Grace Background: Po stays secretive about his Grace to most people he knows. It it obvious that he is Graced, though. With one silver eye and one golden one, he is known to be an exceptional fighter. At first, Katsa asks things such as weather or not he is a mind reader, or has eyes on the back of his heads. She is convinced he is not just a fighter. When she gains his trust, Po ends up telling her the true nature of his Grace - that he can sense people around him, when they think things that relate directly to him. Katsa uses this to talk to him in his mind without anyone noticing. Po uses his ability to go to Leck’s kingdom and decide wether he is being deceived or not. 
Later in the book, it is revealed to us that Po is dizzy and is going blind. Consequentially, he’s able to sense many more things - not just people’s thoughts about him, but animals, landforms, basically everything about him. At first it’s overwhelming, but when he learns to open up to everything, his Grace intensifies. 
Personality: Po seems a bit arrogant and teasing at first, but is quickly shown to have the biggest heart. He just wants everyone to stay safe, and will willingly lower his status to protect others, and for comfort. He likes freedom. 
Close friends: Aside his closest brother, Skye, Po is close to the rest of his family, and especially Katsa. He wishes they could marry, but she often refuses. 

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  1. Oh, Po <3 When he lost his sight, I was absolutely devastated! How could such a great character go through such trauma? But at least he came to terms with it, and is living well :)


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