Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fantastic Beasts & where to Find Them, by Newt Scamander

Fantastic Beasts & where to Find Them, by Newt Scamander

Hey all! 
As some of you may know, I absolutely love the Harry Potter series! I'm always looking for related items, books, etc... #ravenclawpride! (Really difficult to find in Europe though... :/) So, while I'm waiting for what feels like years at the airport, I'm writing a review of this published version of one of Harry's textbooks :) 

This (text)book was such a cute read! It combined both mythical creatures from world mythologies and Harry Potter books, as well as creatures that seem made up by J.K. Rowling herself! (I noticed that nargles were never mentioned though... hmm...) 

The way that the creatures were explained was amazing! Some of the descriptions had me in total awe, while others just made me laugh way out loud! Check this quote;

" Mooncalf- (...) preform complicated dances on their hind legs in isolated areas in the moonlight. These are believed to be a prelude to mating (and often leave intricate geometric patterns behind in wheat fields, to the great puzzlement of Muggles)"

I mean how great is that!? A lot of the entries in the book use these fantastic beasts to explain strange phenomena, in both incredibly clever and often funny ways. Other things I found interesting was how each beast is classified, sorted, and compared to others, as well as how each one can be used for spells or potions! 

One of my favorite aspects of this book was Harry and Ron's notes in the margins of their textbook! They were perfect. 

If you ever want to know more about the wizarding world, make sure to pick this up! It's a great addition to any Harry Potter book collection :)

If you could read any of the many textbooks from the HP series, which would it be? Let me know! :D

I'm giving this a 4/5 stars :) 

Have an amazing day! 


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't believe I haven't read this book yet! I officially feel ashamed. Also, Ravenclaw! YES! We need more nerd in the world, haha! Okay, I'm off to go find myself a copy of this book to redeem my Harry Potter status! Great review :)

    1. You haven't? There's a whole collection of these I still have to get to! :D And Ravenclaw is simply the best >.>
      Aw don't feel ashamed its been out a while and I just read it X)
      Yay let me know what you think!! Its a super fast read and you should be able to wizz through it in a day :)

  2. Hi Caroline! I tagged you for the Book Cover Guessing Challenge! ☺

    I would love to see your post, so feel free to put your link on my comment box section. Looking forward to seeing it soon. Here's the link: Book Cover Guessing Challenge.

    Have fun! :D

    A Girl Between the Pages

    1. Oh my gosh thanks so much! I just got back from camp so I have quite a few things coming up blog-wise, so I'll get to it when I can :)


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