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90's movie book tag!

90's movie book tag! 
Hey everyone! 
An amazing blogger that I know, Kayleigh @ A Book Lover's Playlist created this tag and tagged me to do it! Thanks so much! Make sure to check put her blog, it's really wonderful :D 

1. She's All That - Name a book couple that are an odd pairing, but they still fit together perfectly.
For this I want to say Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games. Katniss is very stubborn, he hunts, and is the aggressive one.
Peeta is pretty much the polar opposite of this  he bakes and paints and is sweet and compassionate. Two very different people who ended up perfect together :)

2. 10 Things I Hate About You - a book or series that you have a love/hate relationship with.
So far, I'm having that with Eon - half the time I love what I'm reading, and the other half I wanted to just put the book back on the shelf. I guess I'll see how.the second one is!

3. Clueless - A character that is totally clueless, but you love them anyway.
I totally agree that Simon, from The Mortal Instruments, is an absolutely awesome character, but is really clueless about basically everything. He really needs to read the Codex =p

4. Titanic - A book that made you cry.
Again, I'm having the same answer as Kayleigh, and I'm saying The Fault in our Stars, by John Green. It's the last book during which I really cried, and is also the most memorable.

5. American Pie - A Book that made you laugh.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians always makes me laugh a lot :)

6. Can't Hardly Wait - a book with a crazy party.
I was just thinking of writing that I never really read books with parties in them (that I haven't mentioned yet) when I remembered that there was a pretty crazy  party in Avalon High! The memory of it really came out of nowhere xD
7. Cruel Intentions - name a character you can never fully trust.
For some reason I feel like I can never trust Dylan from Maximum Ride. It's been a while since I've read the books and I can't really remember if he ends up being good or not :')
8. Name your favorite 'boy next door' or 'girl next door' couple.
Another question, another John Green book! These characters are Paper Towns's Margo and Quentin. <3

9. Scream - a book with a memorable villain.
Okay, I honestly can't think of ANY villain more memorable than Lord Voldemort, from Harry Potter. He's maybe not the baddest villain, but he's still the most well known! And he's a great villain. So yeah =p

10. The Craft - a book with witches.
Stardust, by Niel Gaiman, has 3 bad but crazy witches! 

Carrie Artrip
Erika Gold
less reality more books

Have fun! :D


  1. Thank you so much for tagging me! Cat and I will be sure to do this soon. :) I completely agree with Peeta and Katniss. A very nice duo. Nice answers!

    -Megan, Books of Fascination

    1. You're welcome! :D can't wait to see your answers!! :)

  2. This is such a cool tag! I really appreciate the love! Thank you so much for tagging me, Caroline :D

    Fiona of A Girl Between the Pages

    1. Ikr, pretty awesome! :D And no worries! ^-^

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  4. (Sorry, spelling error!) Thanks for tagging me! Here we go:

    1. Great answers! Thanks for passing it on!!


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