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Time Traveller's Book Tag!

Time Traveller's Book Tag

Hey all!
Wow two tags in one day! YAY! 

I was tagged by the great Kayleigh to do this tag! Make sure to visit her blog! :D

Who hasn't dreamt of time travel, or even teleportation? Especially in the summer, when people have all the time in the world to travel, wether that be to the other side of the world, or just in your back yard, through a book, or in a plane. 
Also, just for a side note - isn't this picture I found just awesome!? ^-^

1. What is your favorite time period to read about? 
Hmm.. although I really love reading about current times and the future, I must say that a lot of my favorite stories happen in the sorta-kinda-middle-age-era-thing (please know what I'm talking about!) For example the time period that kind of encapsulates Graceling, Throne of Glass, Stardust and Eragon. I also really like books set in the Renaissance (especially in Italy!)!!!

2. Name a character from a classic novel, and a character from a more recent novel, who you think would make great friends. Why? 
For some reason I think that Sherlock Holmes could be friends with Robert Langdon, the main character from the Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, The Lost Symbol, and Inferno. They're both really analytical and I think they could be cool friends :) 

3. Which author now passed would you most like to travel back in time to meet? 
J.R.R. Tolkien! I'd love to be able to meet him and ask him how he came up with the Lord of the Rings!! 

4. Name a novel set in present day, and imagine it set in another time period. What would that time period be, and how would it affect the story? 
Magonia, set in Elizabethan England *-*. Not sure how it would affect the main part of the story, but I guess there would be more sword fighting, and the medicine would be different, and it'd just be awesome! 

5. In which book's version of the future would you most want to live?
Although most future-based book are very dystopian, I think that, in peaceful times, it could be cool to live in the future shown in Divergent :) 

6. What upcoming book release do you wish you could zoom forward in the future to get your hands on?
Right now, John Green's upcoming book! No idea what its called, or what its about, but it's been announced, and apparently the main characters don't die awful deaths! That's one thing I liked a lot about Paper Towns, so hopefully this new book will be like that! :D

7. If you could time travel, which character would you most want to time travel with? (This doesn't have to be a character with time travel abilities; it can be anyone!) 
Oooh difficult one! I would choose someone who would not be freaked out by the past or the future. Maybe one of these three: Percy Jackson, Q from Paper Towns, or Arianna from Stravaganza :) 

8. If you were stuck in a time-loop (aka Groundhog Day), which book would you not mind reading over and over again? 
I guess a book of short stories doesn't count, right? If I had to choose one book, with one story, I don't think I'd mind reading any of these over and over again: The Giver, Magonia, Harry Potter, Stardust, I Coriander, Paper Towns, or Graceling :) 

9. What is your favorite book or series that has time travel as a key plot point? 
The Stravaganza series! True, it's more like space-time continuum travel, through different dimensions, but still! The main characters go back and forth from a renaissance-like Italy, back to a modern-day England! 

10. If given the chance, would you time travel, when/where would you visit first, and what book or book series would you bring along on your journey? 
Of COURSE I would!!! If I could time travel for a bit, then just come back, with no consequences made, I would go to Italy during the Renaissance! If I could meet people like Galileo, or Botticelli, or DaVinci, I'd be soooo excited! Just imagine helping figure out secrets to the universe, having someone from that time explaining things about the world! Or watching a master paint amazing art, and being able to see the original art pieces without restoration! Or talk to explorers about an island they found, that you know a lot about in the future!!!

Yep, I'd totally go to the Renaissance! 

Also, I don't even know if I'd bring an entire series. Let's say that I go there for a week. I'd be so busy discovering everything, that I don't think that I would actually take an hour to sit down and read when I'm in Italy, at that time, with so much to see and so much going on!! 

11. Who do you tag? 
I'm tagging Thesi and Erika!! Have fun! 

So that's it from my part! :D 
I have a question for you! If you could travel through time, when and where would you go? 
Let me know in the comments! 
Also, don't forget to vote for what I should read this summer in the plane! 2 days left to vote!

Have a great day! 


  1. I love these answers! I'm one of those people who often sit around, staring at nothing, while my mind travels to different time places (cough, result of reading too many books). If I could travel through time though, I would totally go to the Victorian ages or sometime when magic was key to society workings. Like Medieval, when dragons were real! Thanks for tagging me :D

  2. Aw thanks so much! Hehe yeah I'm the same way.
    That's cool! I wish I could see magic and dragon *-*
    And no problem! Enjoy it! :D

  3. This is a fun tag, Caroline! :) This is why I like fantasies especially those which have time travelling and alternate realities. Oh so good!

    I totally agree with your pick for Stardust. Oh man, I wish that book could've been longer! When I was reading that, I had a wonderful time spent inside that book. I was really into that story and I just wished it didn't have to end. :( *sobs*

    And, girl. If you're ever to go back to the renaissance era, bring me with you, 'kay? We would stick together and just solidly fangirl the whole trip. Haha! xx

    - Fiona of A Girl Between the Pages

    1. Aw thanks! :) that's the same reason why I love YA, it includes time travel, or some aspect of it, really often!
      And ikr! Stardust is such a great book! And they did a great job with the movie! This book was my first one by Niel Gaiman, and now I just love his writing!!!
      Haha sounds good! :D I'll let ya know when I find a way to go there =p


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