Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Prodigy, by Marie Lu

Hi all!

In my honest opinion, Prodigy was a more interesting read than Legend. The sequel continues with June and Day's protests agains the Republic, but in a more interesting way than Legend did. Prodigy had more twists and turns and a LOT of plot-twists! I ended up surprised by what was going on so often, especially in the last few chapters! There were a lot more events in this book, which actually made it easier to read as well, as it was a lot more action-packed. 

The ending was not at all what I would have expected it to be! In fact, I'm looking forward to reading Champion, just to see how things play out!

As with Legend, I loved the font-and-color change when changing perspectives! It really helped clear things up from a reader's point of view. However, whereas June and Day's characters seemed almost identical in Legend, they start developing more distinct personalities and characters throughout Prodigy, which I enjoyed discovering! 

However, also like in Legend, I could not get over the fact that Day and June are FIFTEEN (Day turns sixteen in the book). I understand that this novel is supposed to be dystopian, but I can't help but feel that being engaged in an assassination plot at 15 (as well as other huge things that I won't mention because of spoilers) just isn't right. I wish that Marie Lu had made her character a few years older! This is especially apparent when June explains how she finished university at 15 and started at 12, when someone else from the same university was 17 a year before graduating. I understand that the characters are extremely gifted, but I still thing the ages are a bit exaggerated. That's really my biggest rant of the series ^^ 

Let me know what you thought of Prodigy! :D
I gave this book 3.75 stars on goodreads! 


  1. I agree with the age issue! 15 seems a little too young? I don't know, maybe if it began with them as 15 turning 16, it wouldn't be so bad. But they're 15 for the first book, and now, only Day is 16. But they're young and gifted, so I guess it's okay. It's their actions that make up who they are, after all! :)

    1. Hi! I agree, if they were even one year older, it could make more sense. 15 is way too young to go through all that. And I totally agree about the fact that what they do shapes them as characters!


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